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  1. I received the NGC cert from the dealer which allowed me to get this photo. It is a long shot but in case anyone comes across NGC Cert # 3763330-007 this is the coin that was stolen.
  2. Yes, you are right about this. I actually went back the next day to this address to see if perhaps some of the the items had been abandoned. I filed a police report with this information, they said they entered the serial numbers of the iPad and laptop in a database and will let me know if they turn up somewhere. They had no way of entering the coin into anything other than the police report. 🤦‍♂️ NYPD at its finest. "My phone (not stolen) received a ping from the iPad’s Find My app at about 9pm that night at address 50-15 Roosevelt Ave, Woodside NY 11377. I went to this location the next day, Saturday January 13. It is a Rite Aid parking lot. I spent quite some time (several hours) walking around the parking lot and surrounding streets to confirm that the signal was strongest in the vicinity of this black Mitsubishi Lancer [photo inserted], NY plates XXX-XXXX. Note that at least according to publicly available databases this license plate does not belong to this vehicle but instead to a Nissan Sentra. Essentially all the other cars came and left the parking lot, but this car remained parked for the entire time I was there, several hours. It clearly did not belong to a customer. The Find My signal never moved from this location. The car windows are tinted extremely dark so it was essentially impossible to see inside the vehicle."
  3. Yes, if the iPad was still on. But assuming it is still in someone’s possession that could be a risky exercise.
  4. Yes. 50-15 Roosevelt Ave, Woodside NY 11377 to be exact. If you happen to have a gang with clubs, feel free to dispatch.
  5. Smart precautions. Yes, I reported it to the hotel, police, and NYINC staff. The hotel security video actually captured the whole incident. I did not see the video myself but the security guy said it was obvious. It is frustrating that I can see the location of my iPad on Find My, but I know this is so far down on the list of things to do for NYPD that it is hopeless.
  6. I’ll write a show report later, but I wanted to remind folks to be vigilant at NYINC. Unfortunately while taking a break in the hotel lobby, during a moment of inattention my bag was stolen. They got a laptop, iPad, checkbook, and a very nice (though fortunately not extremely expensive) coin. Nothing to be done about it, but if I can perhaps prevent a similar incident by reminding folks it is a bit of consolation.
  7. Any suggestions for lunch? I will probably end up having breakfast and dinner at the Moynihan Train Hall.
  8. Just did that! At a big show like ANA I probably wouldn't as there's not enough time to see every table as it is. At a small show like NYINC I think there is some value in relationship building. Sometimes the best coins are offered privately. Also, if you are known quantity to an auction house the selling process may be more favorable someday. If none of that sounds useful, well sometimes they have candy at their table.
  9. It looks like I will be there on Friday. Hopefully some nice Roman imperial coins will still be there Friday, but I'm not expecting to find much really since almost everything is online nowadays. Last year several dealers published a fresh list of material on opening day but I haven't seen any announcements to that effect this year. So it may just turn out to be a fun and educational opportunity. Feel free to send a message if you would like to meet up somehow.
  10. Thanks for sharing these. I know nothing abut coins of this era so I learned quite a bit.
  11. Awesome coins! I voted for Julius Caesar, Julia Titi, and Elagabalus. But they are all great!
  12. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! We did that about 10 years ago and I convinced her to put together a State Quarters set with me when she was six. So you have some chance of combining your "hobbies". On to the coins, a really neat set!. The one that sticks out to me is "Cupid on a Goat". Love that.
  13. Great to see a specialist at work! I get the impression that cistophori don't always get the attention they deserve, nice to see someone giving them some love. I like #5. A Cistophorus of C. Fabius from Pergamum, because I think it it is pretty cool when a coin is the only source of an historical figure's existence.
  14. Thank you so much for the comments everyone. I have really enjoyed looking at all the 2023 lists and seeing what folks like to collect. Numismatics can be a somewhat lonely hobby, in a way, so it is great to be able to connect with other hobbyists virtually.
  15. I have been to both. Ancients are much better represented at NYINC. If you are going only for ancients I think you will be disappointed at FUN. But if you like US and World coins as well, winter FUN is a great show. Summer ANA is a middle ground, more ancients than FUN but still probably not as much as NYINC. In terms of total number of tables, NYINC is tiny compared to those other two though.
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