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Some Roman acquisitions for 2023, including provincial coins


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I wasn't intending to create a thread for Roman coins this time, since I wasn't particularly active in this sector of the ancient coins realm.  However, going through the photos that I took this year I decided to post some of them for your viewing pleasure (I hope).  They're listed in no particular order.


Julius Caesar, denarius,  circa 48 BC.

Crawford 452/2

3.76 grams 

Although somewhat over cleaned, this coin has pretty good centering, particularly the obverse.  This example came by way of my local coin dealer.



Hadrian, Æ Sestertius, ADVENTVS AVG MAVRETANIAE, circa 123 AD.

RIC II.3 1784

25.28 grams

This coin has clearly been around the block, or perhaps Mauritania, a few times.  Still the obverse is quite nice.  Another local acquisition.



Claudius II Gothicus, antoninianus, 268-270 AD, Rome.

RIC 54

2.65 grams

I don't venture much into the late 3rd century and later Roman coinage, but when this coin popped up on eBay I decided to go for it because of the nice portrait and, more importantly, the nice centering, patina and toning.  This is an eBay acquisition.



Sabina, BI tetradrachm, Alexandria, Year 15 (130-1 AD).

Cologne-1262; Dattari-2063; BM-918; RPC-5774 (9 specimens).

12.84 grams

It has been said that Hadrian was particular about the quality of his portraits that appeared on the coins of his reign.  This wonderful portrait of Sabina on an Alexandrian tetradrachm helps to support this point.  




Gallienus, antoninianus, Rome, 267 AD.  Reverse: SALVS AVG, Salus holding a staff while a feeding snake.

C 940

2.64 grams

This is fairly common coin, and typically crude, but the portrait is very nice, as is the reverse figure and snake.  This is another local coin shop purchase.

I must say that whatever Salus is feeding the snake is odd.  Did then have mangoes back then?



Salonina (Wife of Gallienus), AE As, Rome, 260-268 AD.  Reverse: IVNO REGINA SC Juno.

RIC 49

10.04 grams

While fairly worn, this is actually quite a scarce coin with nice centering.  This is another local acquisition.



Vespasian, tetradrachm, Antioch Seleucis Pieria, RY 4 (71-72 AD).

RPC II 1973; Prieur 137; SNG Copenhagen 169.

14.91 grams

This coin appears to have been struck with clashed dies, but I cannot say this for certain.  A negative impression of the reverse can be seen on the obverse above Vespasian's nose. 



Antoninus Pius, BI tetradrachm, Alexandria, year 3 (139-140 AD).  Eirene reverse.

Milne 1638

25 mm; 13.42 grams



Julia Mamaea, sestertius, Rome, 228 AD.  Reverse: FELICITAS PVBLICA S C.

RIC 676; Sear 8228.

19.24 grams

While obviously cleaned, and a common coin as well, I really like the portrait and centering, especially on the obverse..



Postumus, double sestertius, Treveri, 260-69 AD.  Reverse: LAETITA, galley.

RIC 143

33mm; 27.97 grams

Here's a chunky, typically crude and relatively inexpensive coin at $66.  The weight range of these double sestertii is very wide, with this example on the heavier side of the scale.  






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Very neat, thanks for sharing! I have to point out this one: "Postumus, double sestertius, Treveri, 260-69 AD.  Reverse: LAETITA, galley. RIC 143. 33mm; 27.97 grams". I'll have to check, but I think if I combine the weights of my entire Roman Imperial collection it would not add up to this one coin. Very cool, congrats!

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