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Nero bronze


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Just received this coin. I've been on the look for a nice imperial bust of Nero, I have a couple of tetradrachms but the busts are idealised. On my denarius it's worn, and a nice one is out of my budget, meanwhile even a corroded sestertius cost as much as a nice denarius! So the goldilocks seems to be his AS. I got it from a French ebay seller, who described it as 'joli portrait'. There seems to be some deposits on the reverse, which I'm gonna leave it for now. My two criteria were his name and bust should be clear. 


Obv: IMP NERO CAESAR AVG P MAX TR P PP . Nero, bare head right. 
Rev: SC left and right in the field. Victory, draped, flying to the left, holds a shield inscribed SPQR. 10.2g

Please share your fat Neros

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Same criteria, visible bust and name. And, we have both chosen the same AS type.

Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, Roman Emperor of the Julio-Claudian Dyansty 54-68 AD AE As, Lugdunum mint. 66 AD. IMP NERO CAESAR AVG P MAX TR P PP, bare head right, globe at point of bust / S-C to left and right of Victory flying left, holding shield inscribed SPQR. RIC 543; BMC 381; WCN 593; Cohen 302
28.5mm, 10.01gr



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That's a nice looking portrait indeed! The blob on the reverse is interesting. It looks like someone is sitting on a throne, behind the victory. Or victory is pulling a chariot, with someone on it. (I know there's no such coin, but still, it looks like it!)

Despite the obvious corrosion, I really like this portrait. Struck late in his reign, he must have gained quite the weight, judging by his portrait! 


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I had the chance to receive a slightly modest Nero as in my very first lot of ancient coins. 


But the portrait is worn and the name is not visible so I bought another similar as soon after 


This one is from Rome, the first one is from Lugdunum. 

I really like this coin although it has a major issue - delamination at the edges. Very strange. But the chubby portrait and the visible name are for me, major advantages for this coin. 

In the end I managed to grab a Nero denarius. A rare type with a good chubby portrait and a fully visible obverse legend. The reverse is much more worn but I still consider this one of the best denarii in my collection due to rarity/design



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Thank you for posting your excellent Nero acquisition, @JayAg47— that’s an impressive coin!

Of all the Roman emperors — I think it is Nero who fascinates me the most. 


Here’s my favorite Nero.  I was fortunate to acquire this one near the end of last year from one of my favorite dealers.




I need to do some research on what Emperor Nero’s favorite foods may have been.




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My last Nero is almost as well-fed as Octavius´:



DECVRSIO S C - Nero on horse galloping to right, holding spear, accompanied by soldier riding to right behind with vexillum over shoulder

Sestertius, Rome mint 64 A.D.

35mm / 25.64g / 6h

RIC I 171; BMCRE 145 (same dies), Cohen 84, Cayon 106




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