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Anniversary of the Battle of Marathon


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These are my two oldest coins and although they were not in existence for several plus more years

when the Battle of Marathon took place, they do come fairly close to the period of 490 BC.





Feel free to post your coins from or near the period or

any coins featuring someone running.




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Agreed is  so hard to get specifically to 490,  but Aegina's turtle designs are so minutely analysed that you can get  very close.

~490BC (500-480BC range, Aegina stater.




And the following is close at  pretty much agreed within 5 years of 485 and almost definitely on the early  side of that date.

Sicily, Syracuse AR Didrachm, c.485BC, Nude rider on horseback right, rev. Diademed head of Arethusa right, three dolphins around, ΣVRΑKΟΣΙΟΝ in legend, 8.79g, (Boehringer IV, 53)


But the closest I have to be "sure" is the Samian occupation of Messana, 493-488BC

Sicily, Messana/Zankle) Tetradrachm. Samian occupation, 493-488 BC. Facing lion's scalp / Prow of a Samian warship








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Here's an archaic owl that could be contemporaneous to the Battle of Marathon.  With the dating of these coins in ranges that can vary, depending on the source, an approximation is the best I can do.

Athens, archaic owl, circa 520-490 BC.

From the M&M Auction, #6 1946, lot 664.

17.52 grams


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This one is a bit rough, but the time frame is right...

Taras, Calabria

500-490 BC
AR Didrachm (17mm, 7.82g)
O: Taras riding dolphin right, holding octopus in right hand, left hand extended.
R: Hippocamp right; TAPA-[Σ] beneath, scallop shell below.
D'Andrea II, 22; Fischer-Bossert group 2, 34; cf McGill II, 3; Vlasto ---; HN Italy 827; SNG ANS 837; SNG Cop 772-773

~ Peter 


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