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Coins where the reverse is in significantly better condition!


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Worn or less intricately engraved reverse dies seem to be more prevalent, particularly in the later Empire. I remember reading that it was deduced that reverse dies were replaced much less often than the obverse ones, due to the image of the Emperor being the most important message of the coin. I want to see your examples where the reverse has somehow been struck stronger or better withstood the test of time! Here's mine!gloria_001.jpeg.e2b8cd0f8842575b427daa0496054842.jpeg




Magnentius AE3. AD 350-353. DN MAGNEN-TIVS PF AVG, bare-headed, draped, cuirassed bust right, A behind bust / GLORIA ROMANORVM, emperor on horseback right, holding shield on left arm, about to throw a spear at a bare-headed enemy in front of the horse, shield and broken spear beneath the horse. Mintmark TRS crescent. RIC VIII Trier 271; Cohen 20; Sear 18798.



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With these two coins, it's the opposite. The obverse is much better than the reverse.


Alexander III
Life time AE half-unit, uncertain Macedonian mint.
Obv- Apollo
Rev- Prancing horse bellow and AΛEΞAN above.
336-323 BC.
Price 356


Caracalla as Caesar
Spei Perpertvae

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Almost all of mine have reverses that are either the same or worse, and most don't have good reverses at all, particularly in the C3 🤣

This is the nearest I get, and it might be down to wear rather than the die.

Valerian I Antoninianus, 258-259
Colonia Agrippina. Silver, 23mm, 3.49g. Radiate draped and cuirassed bust right; VALERIANVS P F AVG. Virtus-Soldier standing left holding Victory and spear; VIRTVS-AVGG (RIC V, 24 Var). From the Botley (Hampshire) Hoard 1994 of 1,395 coins, mostly radiates, deposited in 274. Portable Antiquities Scheme: IARCH-569EED.


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On this one, the reverse seems to have been less exposed to corrosive forces than the obverse! The lion skin is beautifully detailed.



Maximinus II AE Nummus. IMP C GAL VAL MAXIMINVS P F AVG, laureate head right / HERCVLI-VICTORI, Hercules Farnese standing right, right hand behind back, leaning on club covered by lion's skin with left; Β in left field. Mintmark SMN.

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All the devices are there but the reverse seemed to fare much better. Or was it cleaned?


Troas, Alexandreia. Caracalla (198-217). Apollo Smintheus

Obv: MAVR[.] ANTONINVS. Laureate head right.
Rev: COL ALEXAND AVG. Statue of Apollo Smintheus right.
Bellinger A292.

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Quite a big difference in this Trebonianus Gallus tetradrachm 


... or this Hadrian Alexandrian tetradrachm 


This Julian double maiorina does NOT have a better reverse in terms of condition ... but the obverse is so ugly because the (unofficial) engraver was not the most talented guy from this tribe 



Unfortunate centering/die wear on an Aspendos stater obverse paired with a more decent reverse 



Constantiniana Dafne - the obverse is not that bad, but the reverse is a different league 



Poor strike on both obverse and reverse. But the obverse strike is that bad that Tatius looks bald. The reverse has the left half poorly struck, right half perfectly struck 



This needs no comments 


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This is always my example of bad obverse, good reverse - Augustus denarius, RIC 187a:

And the other way around - Augustus denarius, RIC 199:

No prizes for guessing which sides are facing up in the tray 😄


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