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It's Leo Season!!

Roman Collector

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There's no better season than Leo season!!

a collage of a pink lion sitting in front of a pink wheel of zodiac signs. clouds and a starry sky are in the background

I can't help but think the reverse of this coin refers to the constellation Leo:

Greek Ionia, Miletos.
AE Hemiobol, 3.35 g, 18.3 mm, 12 h.
Aeschylinos, magistrate, ca. 200 BCE (?).
Obv: Apollo Didymeus standing right, holding small stag and bow; monogram below.
Rev: Lion seated right with head turned to left, star above, monogram right, ΑIΣXΥΛΙΝΟΥ in exergue.
Refs: Deppert-Lippitz 941-56 var; Marcellesi 56.

I found a great article about these coins at RJOHARA.NET. There's a lot of uncertainty about the date of this coin, ranging from the "early second century BC or before" to "39-17 BC." I'd go into more detail, but this coin isn't about Miletos, it's about the zodiac sign Leo!!

In honor of Leo season, let's see some coins with LIONS!! Let me feel your Leo energy!!!!




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Happy Leo season! 🎉
Beautiful leo on your coin!!


Iulia Domna Denarius, Rome, 211-217.
Obv. IVLIA PIA FELIX AVG, Draped bust to right.
Rev. MATRI DEVM, Cybele, towered, standing front, head left, holding drum and sceptre, resting left arm on column; at feet, lion.
RIC 382

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Yes, I like lions (my national currency is also leu = lion =)) )

Majestic animal and one of the favorite motifs for the people who design coins, ancient or newer. 

Here are some of my favorites:


21 mm, 2,38 g. Gallienus 253-268 AD. Mediolanum. Billon Antoninianus.
GALLIENVS AVG, radiate and cuirassed bust of Gallienus on the right draped over the left shoulder, seen from three quarters forward (B01) / LEG IIII FL VI P VI F, lion leaping to the right. Reverse translation: “Legio quarta Flavia sextum pia, sextum fidelis”, (Fourth legion Flavia pious and faithful for the sixth time).
RIC V-1, Milan 343 (Joint Reign).


Kings of Thrace. Uncertain mint. Macedonian. Lysimachos 305-281 BC. Bronze Æ 18 mm, 4,26 g Obv: Helmeted head of Athena right
Lion springing right; caduceus, monogram, and spearhead below
SNG Copenhagen 1153



Ionia. Miletos circa 525-475 BC. 5 mm, 0,08 g.
Hemitetartemorion AR Cf. Rosen 407/8. Klein 430; SNG Tubingen 3001;
Head of a roaring lion l. R / Quail standing l. within incuse square
Possible Caria, Mylasa



Septimius Severus AD 193-211. Rome. Denarius AR. 17 mm, 2,29 g. AD 202 - AD 210
SEVERVS PIVS AVG / head of Septimius Severus, laureate, right / INDVLGENTIA AVGG IN CARTH, Dea Caelestis, draped, riding right on lion, holding thunderbolt in right hand and sceptre in left hand; below, water gushing from rock
RIC IV Septimius Severus 266 (denarius); RSC 222; BMC 335-8



Lesbos. Uncertain mint circa 480-400 BC.
1/12 Stater BI
7 mm, 0,94 g
Female head to left, wearing taenia. Rev. Head of a lion to right within incuse square.
BMC 60-2. HGC 6, 1095. SNG Copenhagen 366.



Mysia. Kyzikos 7 mm 0.27 g AR Obol/Hemiobol 480-400 BC. Forepart of boar right, behind, a tunny fish upwards / Head of lion left, mouth open, retrograde K above, all within incuse square.
BMC Mysia, 123.


Caria. Mylasa circa 450-400 BC. Hemiobol AR. 8 mm, 0,52 g
Obv. Facing forepart of Lion. Rev. Scorpion within incuse square.
SNG Aulock 7803; Klein KM 429 (Milet); SNG.Kayhan.935; Rosen 403


Cilicia, Tarsos. Mazaios (361-334 BC). AR Stater. 23 mm, 10.8 g.
Baaltars seated left on throne, head facing, holding lotus-tipped sceptre, grain ear, grape bunch and eagle; 'BLTRZ' Aramaic legend to right / Lion left attacking bull left; Aramaic legend above 'MZDI' = Mazaios, Aramaic letters below
Casabonne Series 2A, SNG France 338-347 (controls), SNG Levante 101 var



27,1 g
1 Leeuwendaalder; Lily, knight facing left
Dutch Republic (Netherlands), Kampen, 1648
MO ARG CIV IM P BELG CAMPEN, knight standing behind shield facing left / CONFIDENS DNO NON MOVETVR 1648 (He who trusts in the Lord shall not waver), rampant lion to the left. Mint mark – lily - dividing year. KM# 42.2, Delmonte S# 862, Ver# 163.3

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Hi All,

Two Leos.


ANTONINUS PIUS (10 Jul 138 - 7 Mar 161 CE )
ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT Year 08 (144/145 CE)
Æ Drachm
Size: 32x33 mm
Weight: 20.1 g
Axis: 11:00
Broucheion Collection R-2016-01-23.001

Obv: Antoninus Pius portrait bust facing right. Legend: [AVTKTAIΛAΔPANTωNINOCCEBEYC]. Border not visible.
Rev: Zodiac Series: Sun in Leo. Radiate bust of Helios (Sun) in right field above lion (Leo) bounding right, star above lion's head not visible. In exergue: LH. Border not visible.
Note: "Sun in Leo" is probably the most common of the Zodiac series from Alexandria but difficult to locate in nice condition.


Æ Drachm
Size: 33 mm
Weight: 21.7 g
Axis: 11:30
Broucheion Collection R-2014-01-27.001

Obv: Antoninus Pius portrait bust facing right. Legend: [AVTKTAIΛAΔPANTωNINOCCEBEYC]. Border not visible.
Rev: Zodiac Series: Sun in Leo. Radiate bust of Helios (Sun) in right field above lion (Leo) bounding right, star above lion's head not visible. In exergue: LH. Border not visible.
Note: "Sun in Leo" is probably the most common of the Zodiac series from Alexandria but difficult to locate in nice condition.

- Broucheion












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My wife and I are both Leo's.



Caria, Trapezopolis. Vespasian Ae22

Obv: ΟΥΕΣΠΑΣΙΑΝΟΣ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ / laureate head of Vespasian, r.
Rev: ΤΡΑΠΕΖΟΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ ΤΙ ΚΛΑΥΔΙ ΟΡΟΝΤΗΣ /Cybele standing facing, between two lions.
Magistrate Ti Klaudios Orontes.
RPC II, 1235

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Here is one on a Faustina Junior AE As coin:


Faustina Junior. Augusta. AD 170-175. AE As. Rome mint. Struck under Marcus Aurelius. 
Obv: Draped bust right.
Rev: Cybele seated right, hold drum on knee, between two lions.
RIC III 1664 (Aurelius); MIR 18, 25-7c.
CNG auction. October 2020. 
24mm, 13.61g, 6h.



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  • Benefactor

@Broucheion - I've been looking for decent Pius' drachms of the zodiac series for some time. Recently lost out on an Aries (my sign) featuring the bust of Mars/Ares to the left of the ram. And of course, the coin depicting the entire zodiac is probably forever out of my reach.

The newly recognized zodiac and ecliptic representation on the ceiling of the temple of Khnum at Esna dating to the Greco-Roman period is probably the only known depiction in Egypt outside of the series of coins that Antoninus Pius struck. [Edit: there is another depiction at Denderah]

Complete Depiction of The Zodiac Found in Ancient Egyptian Temple : ScienceAlert

Before, the zodiac had been obscured by soot from smoky torches that had been used over the years by excavators and before that, squatters living in the temple. The temple of Esna (Latopolis to the Greeks and Romans) is one of the best preserved temples in the country as it was buried in sand dunes until the latter 19th century.


Egyptian-style representation of Sagittarius

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A few more Leo's / lions.



Lydia, Attalea. Pseudo-autonomous AE14

Obv: Head of Herakles right, wearing lion's skin.
Rev: ATTAΛΕATΩ, Lion standing right.



Caria, Mylasa AR Tetartemorion. Circa 420-390 BC.

Obv: Forepart of roaring lion to left; head reverted.
Rev: Bird to right, pellets in field above left and below right; all within incuse square.
AR 0.26g., 6.5 mm.



Caria, Trapezopolis. c. 150-200. Æ19

Obv: ΙƐΡΑ ΒΟΥΛΗ / Veiled and draped bust of the Boule, r.
Rev: ΤΡΑΠƐΖΟΠΟΛΙ / Cybele standing, facing, wearing kalathos, resting hands on two lions seated beside her.
Time of the Severans, 193-217.



Ionia, Miletos. 520-450 BC.

Obv: Forepart of a roaring lion left, head turned back to right.
Rev: Stellate pattern within incuse square.
Diobol AR 8mm.



German States. Hesse-Cassel. Wilhelm I. 1785-1821. Billon groschen (1/24 thaler) 1819.

Obv: Crowned Lion.
Rev: 24 EINEN THALER 1820.

KM 554.3



Phrygia, Cotiaeum. Philip I AE26 Kyble. C. Julius Ponticus, Archiereus

Phrigia, Cotiaeum. Between 244 and 249
Kyble on stool being pulled by biga of lions. Polos / Tympanon
SNG AUL 3787(1). BMC 17 S174,78(2)




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Here are some lions, in no particular order:

Hadrian, Tarsos, tridrachm, with Rev. depicting Hittite god Sandan on horned lion:


Antoninus Pius -- my one drachm from the Zodiac Series, in poor condition but at least you can still make out the lion:


Faustina II, Matri Magnae, Cybele with lion beneath throne:


Septimius Severus, Dea Caelestis riding a lion side-saddle:


Philip I, SAECVULARES AVGG series, lion:


Philip I, Viminacium, Moesia - Moesia w. bull & lion



A Gallienus lion from Antioch:


Another Gallienus lion from Antioch:


Divus Maximianus, half follis:


C. Poblicius, Hercules strangling the Nemean lion:


M. Volteius lion biga:



Mysia, Kyzikos, foreparts of boar and lion:


Egypt, glazed blue faience amulet of reclining lion on integral base, suspension loop on back (loop restored), 26th Dynasty, ca. 664-525 BCE. 1 7/8" (47.6 mm.) L.  Purchased 3/1/1991, Royal Athena Galleries, NYC. Published: Royal Athena Galleries, "The Age of Cleopatra" exhibition catalog, Oct. 1988, p. 24 No. 119.


Fainece lion R.jpg

And a Lion and Sun Disk scarab, probably from the time of the 26th Dynasty pharaoh Psemthek I (= Psammetichus I = Psamtik I, the more current spelling).

Steatite Scarab 23 mm. 1.jpg

Lion & sun disk scarab underside 2.jpg

Scarab & impression 1.jpg

Finally, a couple of Mudie medals with very robust British lions defeating whatever puny creatures the French send against them:



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