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World’s Fair of Money


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Hello all,

     I am asking for any pointers or advice on attending the Worlds Fair of Money in Pittsburgh this year. I have been to a few coin shows but not one nearly so large. The largest I think was maybe 80 tables or so🤷🏻‍♂️. This one is huge and may be a bit overwhelming….. So just any thoughts for me as someone going to their first huge coin show? Thank you all!!

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Do a walkaround first and scout out what they have, then get serious.  Unless it's some fantastic deal which will disappear quickly, look first and then buy.

I usually am fairly upfront about that being my first look around and I'll be back, etc.

My most recent coin show was 2010 or 11, so I'm not sure how much they've changed. 


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I have been to three, Anaheim Denver and Chicago They were great and a lot of fun well worth the expense to get there.

1. If you have some "favorite dealers" that are attending the show. find a map and locate where they are . Otherwise you will never find them

2. Take some time to look at the displays. There are both displays by collectors as well as the ANA Both are worth a visit. Below are a few pics of some of the items on display,please  excuse the lousy photography,

3. I collect ancients so I am unfamiliar with the way that dealers in US coins operate. I have noticed that they tend not to have their coins priced in any manner. So if looking for US coins I would bring a up to date price guide. 

4. There will be no shortage of things to buy bring $$







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Random thoughts in no particular order:

Weekdays are better than weekends. Two days are better than one.

There will be a lot of hobnobbing. It's not just a bourse; it's an annual convention. If you haven't already, join the ANA. Entry is free for members.

Wear comfortable shoes. 

Bring hand wipes. Pick boxes are filthy.

Listen to table talk.

Not all the ancient coins are in the ancient coins section.

Prices are mostly negotiable. The more you buy, the better the deal.

Have fun! It's Woodstock for coin nerds.


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It’s really definitely worth taking it slowly and learning the lie of the land. It’s easy to get either flustered or disoriented if dashing around looking for that one great early deal.

Perhaps more importantly if you like Greek coins, the town of Tarentum is just slightly up the river. I had to do a double-take when I drove through it.

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@Nerosmyfavorite68 i like that suggestion, its helpful to tell them Im looking around then be back etc. As far as list of dealers :

https://digitaleditions.walsworth.com/publication/?i=794707&p=1&view=issueViewer i think thats a good link to the show guide that has list.

There is a coin show I go to in Columbus Labor Day Weekend that has SOME ancient coin dealers, but not many unfortunately.

@Deinomenid That is a good point as I have been flustered in times past by feeling like i had to rush. Possible silly question: What does the town of Tarentum have regarding greek coins? Is it how the town is decorated?


@kapphnwn I will get a map and use that, good advice! Your pictures were not lousy but they definitely make me want to look at those displays. Thank you for that I may have passed by them otherwise. I do not really collect US coins either except for some errors I like, so mostly ancients and world coins for me. I have to take some time and write up/ share more of what I have collected etc.

@DLTcoins those are good random thoughts. I’m definitely going during the week that’s what I’ve done for most coin shows and it was just easier. Handwipes👍 Good point that not all ancients are in that section!  Thank you very much for that advice too!

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Not silly- it was a weak joke by me. There was a famous Greek city in southern Italy called Tarentum (Taras, modern day Tarantino) ) and there is a town very close to Pittsburgh with exactly the same name. 

Digressing  still further there’s  a huge copy of (or modeled on) Mausoleum of Halicarnassus in Pittsburgh that had me even more confused! And to finish my aimless ramble when I went in to look at it they asked me if I was there to see Hannibal Lecter’s cage etc. Apparently some if it was filmed there. Including that elevator scene. Between Hannibal, Halicarnassus and Tarentum it was quite a strange day…


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Its only a 9 hour drive for me to the show. Honestly thinking of taking a couple days off work and heading there. I have never been to grand scale show like this and it seems it will be quite the experience. 

Looking into the feasibility of taking someone and heading there. Seems like a fun road trip! 

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