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Customs clearance fees???? I'm never bidding here again!

Roman Collector

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I tried a new auction firm on biddr for their first auction today, Rönesans Salzgitter. BEWARE OF THIS WHEN BUYING FROM THEM!!


I've purchased coins from Germany and other European nations for years through a variety of platforms and have never been charged customs clearance fees on an invoice. This doesn't even include shipping? What gives???

I'm not using this auction firm again!!!

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What the Hell (sorry)...? 😵‍💫

And I was close to bidding for even ONE single province of bronze of Commodus (but I bid too little). At first I was a little bit annoyed - but now I am happy. I don't know whether these fees would have been added to my (German) price.

What is this surcharge supposed to be for, please? 
For what work? 
For what effort?

@Roman Collector Please ask by email how this company comes up with this amount of money and what work they use to justify this?


I can tell you this. From 1000 euros, I have to declare a consignment for export from Germany. Yes, this means extra work for me and (depending on the carrier) also increased fees. But this only happens above 1000 euros!

I don't have to do anything for less than 1000 euros! Ok, not quite right - under 1000 euros I have to attach the proforma invoice in triplicate (print 3x) to the outside of the consignment. But that's all. It costs me 3 sheets of paper, some printer ink and I have to select triple copy with the mouse in the printer menu.

Just today I prepared an export consignment of three coins (approx. 800 euros) for shipment on Monday for a user here on the forum. You don't have to do anything from Germany (under 1000 euros). And I export abroad several times a week.


So a 50 euro coin becomes a 150 euro coin. I would not leave it like that. I would really be interested to know for WHAT the company wants 50 euros for customs clearance. What customs clearance, please?

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That stinks.  I guess I won't complain about having to wait 3 weeks for an export permit.  Your example is worse.

I'm sorry you had to go through that and pay 145 Euros for a 50 Euro coin.

And why do many of them insist on one-size-fits all shipping?  I can see for an expensive coin, but one should have a postal option.

I also never got this, either; if certain record auctions can pack their items with great care, why is tossing something in an envelope ok?  I've had no really egregious examples from vcoins that I can recall, but I've seen some of the past threads about auction shipping.  Example; one auction packed some cracked glass records with great care (and they weren't expensive).  It was packed like a tank.  Sure, getting stuff ready was pretty slow, but it was worth it.

I haven't participated in any numismatic auctions since about 1998 or 1999.  And even then, I think 90% of my 'wins' were remainder lots.

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There should be a sub-forum dedicated to all the drama and headaches these international auction houses seem to have, it would be the most active section.😐

I'm glad I don't bother with them.😃

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Wow! That's crazy. Almost like the 70 euro shipping one auction house was going to charge me, until I asked about other options and they dropped it to 7 euros.

Actually that auction house was a mess to deal with. They had only one payment method - bank transfer - nothing that unusual - which I tried at least 3 different times, using their provided information. I tried both bank account numbers too. Each time it would go through on my end, then in a few days it would be refunded to me with the note that their bank had rejected it. 

I communicated the problem with them and asked for advice, would they possibly accept PayPal? The only reply was "no". No other suggestions. I tried again with the transfer and still it didn't work, so I emailed them again telling them that I had tried everything I knew to, and it wasn't working, and did they have anything to suggest?

I got no reply for about a week. Then, I got a notice from the bidding service they use saying that since I hadn't paid in time, I was being added to the service's blacklist. That ticked me off a bit. I emailed them again, going over the whole thing and letting them know I was not happy at all about it, said I always want to pay my creditors as soon as possible, and that I had done my utmost with little or no help from them at all, and could we just cancel the order.

No reply, so a few days later I just re-sent the email. Then they replied, basically implying that it was my fault as no other customers had problems with making payments. Whatever. I am done with them. Poor service, poor communication, and not a shred of helpfulness throughout.

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Stop complaining RC, we know that you are a billionaire; so I won’t cry if you pay 45 euros. You wonder what they’ll do with your money ? Look here:




Maybe it is an honest mistake. Please read this « auction information » on bidder for this sale: 

When shipping outside the EU, an additional 45 euros will be added to customs clearance fees for invoices over 1000 euros.The fees and taxes charged abroad are the responsibility of the buyer. It is the buyer's responsibility to find out about foreign customs and other regulations. Our auction house is not liable for violations of these regulations.





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According to the auction terms, which are only in German even when English is selected:

Beim Versand außerhalb der EU kommen bei Rechnung über 1000 Euro zusätzliche 45 Euro Verzollungsgebühren hinzu.
When shipping outside the EU, an additional 45 euros will be added to customs clearance fees for invoices over 1000 euros.

So this charge is wrong. The invoice is not over EUR1000.

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1 hour ago, Prieure de Sion said:

I don't have to do anything for less than 1000 euros!

Technically the EU requires an EU level export permit for any archaeological object more than 100 years old which are "the products of excavations and finds on land or under water" as found here. However, I can't remember seeing any party ever following or enforcing this.

Perhaps this auction house is following the legislation? I'm not sure if 45 € matches to the cost of the permit in Germany.

EDIT: Never mind, @John Conduitt above posted the explanation. It refers to the same 1k € threshold you were talking about.

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  • Benefactor

Are they using a customs clearance broker?  These firms charge $50 or more for their services, and for a 50 euros coin this is totally unnecessary, really crazy.  For all of the coins that I have received from Germany, never have I seen this fee added to the invoice.

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As others have suggested, I urge you to contact them indicating that their terms do not mention such a fee for invoices below 1000 eur.  I'm sure they'll remove the charge.  If they don't, then contact biddr with a complaint against the firm for violating their own stated terms. If they still refuse to remove the charge, then I would refuse to pay the invoice & repeat the complaint to biddr. They should be barred from using the service if they violate their own stated terms.  (I very much doubt things will get that far, though!)

While you're at it, maybe ask for a cheaper shipping option than FedEx... surely 35 eur is too much to pay for shipping a 50 eur coin!

Let us know how you fare.

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