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New World Record at Auction

Al Kowsky

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Ha, ha, ha!🤣👍  They also sold the Codex Sinaiticus to the BM to raise money for "Ukraine relief!"

I must admit I do not like the coin and see nothing "in it".   I'd rather save my money for the auction 918 Bruun Rasmussen as the Greeks have the Chambrier coin hidden somewhere!

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For the disappointed bidders who couldn't afford $6 million for the NAC stater, the coin pictured below would have been an excellent alternative 😊. This breathtaking stater sold a few days ago at CNG Feature Auction 123, with an estimate of $75,000 it sold for $196,000 🤓. The coin was graded by NGC: MS, Strike 5/5, Surface 4/5, Fine Style. I love the griffin on the reverse 😍. Of course the big difference in price between these coins was the 3/4 view of the NAC Stater, versus the profile view of Pan on the CNG Stater 😉.




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On 5/26/2023 at 3:02 AM, David Atherton said:

I don't think Stalin is doing much these days ... 

Thank God for that!

His reincarnation "Putin" now wants to finish what Uncle Joe failed to do/ eliminate all Ukrainians. Thankfully Zelensky is kicking the crap out of the Russian thugs. Back too Putin the world's richest crook/ he probably owns a AV Solidus of Leontius I 484-88AD.

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I've been waiting for prices to get to this level before selling this one - likely to achieve a new record...Before his accession to the throne, Sriranga III was rebelling against his uncle Venkata III.  After deserting the Bijapur army, Sriranga III headed to Vellore and made himself the King of Vijayanagara.  This coin will be very popular with anyone interested in the history of the English East India Company which Sriranga III brought into South India.


AV Kali Fanam (0.35g, 5.61mm, extremely fine), Coin of Sri Rangaraya III (1642-1685 AD) of Vijayanagar Kingdom, an Independent Kingdom. Aravidu Dynasty,

Obv: kali with the tanjore rosette on the breast

Rev: uniface like scyphate

Estimate: $8-10M

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