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I made myself a coin cabinet!


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Hi all,

I made myself a coin cabinet. It took me a while, because I'm not handy at all. But I finally made it and, well, I'm proud and happy with the outcome! Below the steps it took to make the coin cabinet. Excuse me if my English is not perfect, I'm not a native speaker.

First I bought an old wooden dentist drawer cabinet (80,- euro), about 60 or 70 years old.
The 12 drawers where divided into three compartments each in where paper was laid. I removed the papers and all wooded dividers - which was not an easy task. See photos 1-4.





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Unfortunately, the coin trays did not fit, so I had to cut them to size as well. This was a difficult job, because only a certain type of tableau fit.

See photos 8-11. The coin trays where now a perfect fit!





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The next step was choosing the right walnut color lacquer and lacquering the cabinet and all twelve drawers. Unfortunately, this did little with the color. So after drying overnight a new layer came on. And a new layer. And another layer. Yes, it takes some effort but then you also have something! See the below photos.






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After four coats of lacquer, the coin cabinet had the correct nut colour. The last steps were to make the drawers run smoothly with wax and then a very long search for gold-colored knobs. Of course it didn't fit right away either and the drawers had to be drilled out to the right thickness, new screws had to be found at the right length and then mounted. But voila, look at the end result! If something takes so much effort and you have two left hands, then the satisfaction is also there: this coin cabinet will last the rest of my life!


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Your cabinet looks beautiful, but you should post a few more pictures of the finished product. Take one on a corner-ish angle, looking down so that we can see the top. And another with a drawer or two open with the coins inside. 🙂

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1 hour ago, Furryfrog02 said:

Great job!
Perhaps one day I will make something like this. I would love to have a cabinet to display my coins and would really like to make it myself. Too bad I have zero skills haha.

Really, if I can do it.., you can as well!


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5 hours ago, Furryfrog02 said:

You didn't really need any special tools right?
Just some elbow grease and an idea of how you wanted to set things up.
I don't have access or room for any power tools.

Just basic tools except a drill. According to my wive I'm really, really clumsy, so this should be a big encouragement to create your own coin cabinet - good luck!

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