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Coin Withdrawal

David Atherton

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Earlier today I took my collection back to the bank safe deposit box after spending several months with it at home. I originally brought the coins home to reorganise the collection and add additional provenance info to the envelopes. It was wonderful having them close at hand. It even inspired my short lived series here on Numis Forums 'Revisiting the collection'.

But all good things must come to an end. With warmer weather coming on I won't be home as much and feel more comfortable with the coins in the safer confines of the bank vault. I'll just have my new purchases to play with from now on.

So, to help with my coin withdrawal please post your 'collection' photos. I would really like to see them!

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..here ya go Bro...Greek, Roman Republic, Imperial, Holy Roman, French Louis plus an odd assortment of other coins.  none other than 'year of the 4' & the '5(6) Good' are complete..its nice to have them all at you beck and call..:)  EDIT: i forgot to mention the Spanish Habsburgs (complete) and the Gallic empire ^^)




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Hi David, letting go would be difficult. 

Here is one of my favorite coins from my collection. I know you'll recognize it but others may not.

This coin is Domitian RIC 3 Var. Under the triangular frame is a lituus. While RIC 3 is already a rare coin, the variation with the Lituus is even more rare.

d3 var cng.jpg

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I recently purchased a couple of trays to see what my coins would look like properly displayed, and I was amazed how something so simple could add so much to the visual appeal of a collection.  Even more unexpected, the display allows the facile comparison and contrast of types, the visible evolution of types and motifs over time and across cultures, the interrelatedness of seemingly distant coins.  Musically, it is analogous to a symphony in place of a bunch of solos.  Plus, the coins are orders of magnitude more accessible.   image.jpeg.3df5ab7d0d2a5691a8a4d5dfc82f6f54.jpeg

So, why would anyone go back to this:


Because accessibility cuts both ways.   Flips in little red boxes can go back in the bank.   My coins are all back in their flips, and my trays are empty, except for a few recent purchases.  If anyone has a solution to this dilemma, I would be interested to hear it.  


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Thanks to @David Atherton for initiating this thread.  It is fascinating to see (even a portion of) members’ collections in place of coins individually posted. Everyone has a different approach to collecting.  Some very focused, others eclectic, some striving for a comprehensive selection, others content with a representative assortment.   

Looking at my green tray above, there is only one Byzantine gold coin, and it is not even a solidus, although if anyone had asked me what my collection was focused on, Byzantine solidi would have been my answer.  

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