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NAC Probus medallion - awesome 3-D engraving


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5 hours ago, Heliodromus said:

Absolutely stunning Probus medallion in the upcoming NAC 138 sale.... the video of the coin is a must-see (watch full-screen):


I've never seen 3-D engraving like this on a roman coin before!


This is certainly a breath taking medallion 😲!


NAC 138, lot 802. Probus, AD 281. AV Medallion, 26.05 gm.

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  • 9 months later...

I just watched the latest Ancient Coin Podcast episode, # 39, last night, and was interested to see Aaron Berk discuss this coin as part of their best coins of 2023 review.

Aaron said he'd held this coin at the NAC auction and that it was one of the most exciting coins he'd ever held in his life, which is quite saying something!

The coin is discussed at 28:55.


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6 minutes ago, Nerosmyfavorite68 said:

Hooray for the return of the Doofus Buy!

I entered their competition last episode - was hoping to win a "don't be a doofus" cap, but no such luck!

Not sure I'd have actually worn it though.


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The video makes the depth of engraving much more impressive than the photo. I suppose those who can pay over $2m have a trusted representative closely look coins over before bidding, or maybe they even view the coins themselves, but that video makes it clear to the rest of us how gorgeous that coin is. Magnificent!

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