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As of right this minute, 34 members...

Phil Davis

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most of whom have already posted something. That's pretty damn impressive for a two day old infant, both the absolute number and especially the level of involvement.

Go us! The moment really is right for this to take off.

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On 5/26/2022 at 1:43 PM, Alegandron said:

Looking forward to this Forum evolving into the premiere Ancients chat site.

Me too! This forum has great potential, and I'm loving how it's beginning to look like - awesome members, and with many BIG ISSUES of CT fixed here🙂


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2 minutes ago, DonnaML said:

Thanks to both of you. Also, +VGODUCKS and JA have both told me that they plan to join, if they haven't done so already.

VGODUCKS joined I think, but with a new name which I don't remember.

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It took a real, live, full day off, but I invited these people from the forum that dare not speak its name will remain nameless:

AnyangMan, Deacon Ray, Darius590 (a published numismatist, and my go-to guy for Sasanian --didn't post a lot), TheRed, FitzNigel, Seth77, Bing, OnlyaPoorOldMan, and Roerbakmix.  ...Asking Roerbakmix to invite, for one, the other folk who post their amazing stuff about sceattas.

Yep, that's top-heavy for medievalists.  But for this minute, we're thin on the ground.  

...A shout: Even though there's now a separate subforum for medieval, whyn't go there?  Otherwise, we're going to end up being only more ghettoized than we were in ...that other ...place.

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