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  1. Silver crusader cross, 3 cm...
  2. Two hacksilver pieces, one was part of a large silver fibula, 60 gr/2.11 ounces, one ingot, 7 gr and, I believe, is a button that was on a railwayman's uniform, end of the 19th century..
  3. Today I bought a very interesting artefact from fellow metal detectorist, and in my opinion this is an early depiction of St. George, X-XII century...I believe that the pilgrims to the Holy Land sewed this appliqué on their clothes...If anyone has any thoughts or additional information on this or a similar artefact, I would greatly appreciate it... 55 mm/2.16 inches and 20grams...
  4. Maybe it is die break... The coin was in the fire, badly burned, my friend will try to clean it, so we'll see after that...
  5. Is that what I think it is? And lead cloth seal, Tournai, 14th-15th century...
  6. I know it is not the most beautiful specimen in my collection, but it is the second recorded denarius of this type. https://www.cngcoins.com/Coin.aspx?CoinID=96254
  7. Gallienus, pegasus, 1,5o gr...
  8. To be honest JC, we can only guess...Button? Part of the costume?
  9. This female portrait is typical of that period, so I concluded that it probably belonged to someone from these two tribes...
  10. Gepid/Avar period, bronze appliqué, female portrait...
  11. The lid of the lead box in which the Theriac balm was stored... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theriac
  12. Hadrian ae as, Salus..
  13. Probus antoninian, Adventus and Alex Severus, limes denarius...
  14. Hi Seth, I had it about 15 years ago, also as part of a brick...I gave it to a person who is crazy about cats...
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