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NYINC Purchases & My New York Trip


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Hi everyone, 

Thought I'd share my purchases from this year's NYINC. I will admit that I was disappointed to have only acquired 3 coins as I had acquired 11 at last year's show. I simply didn't find many things I was looking for. For one, certain dealers I purchased from previously had smaller inventories. There were many pieces that I was interested in, but decided not to purchase for one reason or another (i.e. not high-grade enough, surface issues, no pedigree, price...etc.). Nevertheless, I was glad to be able to attend the show on the early-bird day. I also had the pleasure of meeting @Ed Snible in line as I was waiting to enter the show. Unfortunately, I didn't see anyone else from numisforums. 

During my trip to NYC, I also visited the cloisters, a museum operated by the MET that focuses on medieval art. The museum was absolutely stunning, with panoramic views of the Hudson and equally gorgeous interiors which had many building elements such as doorways, stained-glass windows and even ceilings from the 11th-13th centuries. This museum was very quiet compared to the MET's main building, and I would recommend it to anyone visiting NYC (even if medieval art is not you're thing)! I will post my photos from the cloisters later in this thread. For now, here are the coins I acquired.

Octavian denarius rv. colum - ex Lanz 76 (31 May 1996), lot 360, acquired from Baldwins


Tiberius denarius - ex CNG Triton VIII (10 January 2005), lot 1091, acquired from CNG. This pedigree was found by @kapphnwn


Trajan denarius rv. Divus Trajan Pater - acquired from Martina Dieterle


Also, feel free to share any of your NYINC purchases!

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Well....I just won this coin today as a part of CNG's e-sale. I liked this coin when I examined it at the NYINC lot viewing, which is why I already have my own photograph of it. I've been after the type for a while and CNG had another nice example in their coin shop, but it had verdigris that I found too distracting. Since this coin is NYINC adjacent, I figured I would share it in this thread.

Trajan (AD 98-117) 

AR Denarius - rv. Danube 


Also, here are some of the pics I took at the Cloisters while I was in NYC.








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Lovely coins! I like the details on the reverse of your Octavian commemorative denarius. You can really see the anchors on the pillar, which on many specimens are worn away. 

7 hours ago, Romancollector said:



Nice photo's, and I am truly curious about the photo of the goat-unicorn with decorated dog collar in the tiny enclosure... 😁

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