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My Top 5 for 2022

Al Kowsky

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I'm only going to post my top 5 coins for 2022 because I sold many more coins than I acquired 😌. The last few years I've been actively reducing my collection to ancient coins that still grab me 😊. The process of liquidation has been easier than I thought 😉. I'm posting these coins by age, with the oldest coin first. NVMIS FORVMS members are welcome to site a favorite if they wish 😍.


All the Ptolemaic "hockey pucks" I acquired in the past had problems 😖, so I was happy to finally latch onto one that didn't.


This coin really impressed me when I first saw it. The die engraving is exceptional for a late issue, it's well struck from fresh dies, It came from an important collection, & turned out to be a scarce unlisted variant (no periods separating the obverse inscription as seen on the reverse).



This coin has crude die engraving, typical of Caracalla's war issues from this mint, but the mint state condition impressed me, so I snagged it.



This coin was my favorite acquisition for 2022 🤩. Caracalla tetradrachms struck at the Jerusalem mint are rare & highly sought after. I spotted this one at CNG Triton XXV, where it had an estimate of $500.00. Bidding on the coin was spirited but I was determined to get it 🤨, & ended up paying nearly 3 times the estimate 😬. Another example of this coin type was auctioned by Heritage on November 6, 2020 for $10,500.00 😮, see the photo below. 1159227297_NGC5747061-005.jpg.7da70addb178440307f8a3a9e43e6356.jpg

My example was struck from the same obverse die as the Heritage coin but the reverse die is completely different, see the comparison photo below. The lettering on the reverse of my coin is superior to the Heritage coin. 792381947_TritonXXVlot696_2.jpg.ecee45c99b4bec038757e57d74ad74d6.jpg


For a long time I had been on the hunt for an affordable, mint state silver argenteus to go with my Diocletian era nummi, & scored this coin at a CNG auction ☺️.


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Before I return to watching college football 🤓, I want to thank NVMIS FORVMS members for the comments & kind words ☺️. I consider myself fortunate to be the caretaker, past & present, of so many fine ancient coins & being able to share what little knowledge I have on the subject. Best wishes to everyone on this holiday weekend 😂.

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