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Storing small collection


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Ola Ladies and Gents,

Since Im at the begining in my "1 per ruler" collection I keep all my little gems in 50mm carton flips, which is OK, for now. There are about 50 emperors and empresses so far, and Im starting to feel, that flips are not the best way to store them. Found this little box/cabinet, which looks better than flips. Is there anybody, who use it for his collection? Is it worth upgrading? 


Please, share your best way for storing small, and constantly growing collection!

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If you Google coin/jewellery storage trays there are many types available. These of mine come as a unit of 4 drawers in a frame 24cm square and 8cm deep, with each frame unit stackable upon each other. Each tray is felt lined, 5cm square and deep enough for the highest relief coins or capsules. With 16 compartments per tray each unit houses 64 pieces.


20221121_235548 (2).jpg

20221121_235702 (2).jpg

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I've been a fan of Abafil trays for several years, but got a Zecchi CAG11 cabinet this summer and it's beautiful!   It's got 11 trays with room for between 15 and 77 coins per tray, depending on the slot sizes.   It houses some Greek coins and large papal medals for me - pictured a 24x47mm tray and a 15x59mm tray - the top 2 trays can hold 77x25mm coins each.


They make a range of cabinets with different numbers of trays and different tray sizes [CAxn - x = P (small), M (medium) or G (large), n = number of trays] and you can select which trays you want when you buy.


The CAP08 might be enough for a "1 per ruler"collection - hey, if you run out of space, you can just get another!

This is an Abafil tray with room for 40 fairly large coins (sestertii here).   They have some nicer trays now with solid wood trim.


You can stack the Abafil trays into the Marmotta cabinet which holds 20 - depending on which trays you use, you can get up to 1540 coins into it (denarius-sized coins @ 77 per tray).   This is most of my Roman Republican collection - the extra-deep trays don't fit into the cabinet, so the thicker cast coins have to stay out.


You may get lucky and find a nice small secondhand mahogany coin tray - I got a Swann 3-tray cabinet in an auction a few years back which houses some Imperial denarii - it came with 3 x 72-coin trays:


I've also got a larger 28-tray Peter Nichols cabinet (very old photo') which now houses later Imperial coins.   I'd buy a Zecchi before this again.


In short... get a Zecchi, I'd say 😄   I don't know where you're located, however - postage may be expensive from Italy.


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