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Today, November 17th is Vespasian’s Birthday


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Happy B Day Vespasian  Hope you have a great day

Vespasian Ar Denarius 69-70 AD Obv Head right laureate Rv Judea in attitude of mourning seated right. To left military trophy RIC 2 2.96 grms 19 mm Photo by W. Hansen


It is unusual that a revolt should gain such prominence on the coinage but given the extraordinary situation caused by the Roman Civil War, the emphasis placed on the suppression of the revolt in Judaea does deflect attention from the dark but necessary deeds that occurred during and even after the civil war.  

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Happy birthday, Vespasian!

Here are some coins that don't smell, like he correctly advised.




(these 3 were from my first lot of ancient coins I ever bought - I was aware that in this condition they are not worth much, but this was irrelevant as the pleasure of holding an ancient silver coin was enormous)




and one as Divus Vespasian.


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Thanks, @LONGINUS. A very Happy Birthday to a good Emperor. 

I have only three Vespasians, and only two that he issued himself given that one is a Divus Vespasian. But I'm fond of all of them -- he always makes for a great portrait! -- and they include what's certainly one of my very favorite coins, ancient or otherwise.




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Here's one from Antioch similar to that beauties posted by @Al Kowskyand @Shea19, but this is the smaller denomination, also with a Minerva countermark from his son Domitian: 


Vespasian/Domitian  Æ 20 (c. 69-79 A.D. / cm 83-96 A.D.) Syria, Seleucis & Pieria Antiochia ad Orontem  [IMP CA]ESAR VESP[ASIAAVG], laureate head left / SC within laurel wreath. RPC II, 2011; BMC 218; McAlee 43; Wruck 97. (8.17 grams / 20 x 18 mm) eBay Nov. 2020   

Countermark Notes:  Athena/Minerva in 6 x 4 mm rectangle, Howgego 245 (9 pcs. for Vespasian) "The connection of Minerva with Domitian suggests that this is an Imperial countermark.  There can be little doubt that it was applied at Antioch between 83 and 96 A.D. It did not have a denominational significance because it occurs on both denominations of the SC  series"  Howgego


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Vespasianus, you look as young as you did yesterday, last year, centuries ago



laureated head right


vesta seated left, holding simpulum

A.D. 72 - 73 ,  3.35 gr ,  16.57 mm

Denarius ,  RIC II 37


Just for fun, two Capricorns

From Titvs for Vespasianvs



Head laur. r.

S C , two carricorns above globe, schield inscribed with SC in between.

17.30 mm, 3.54 gr, Denarius

A.D. 79 - 81, RIC II 63

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16 hours ago, El Cazador said:

Awesome coins and room set up! Curious, are those busts reproductions or real deal?

 Thanks. The bust of Vespasian is "a genuine fake". It's a very heavy modern reproduction I bought around 10 years ago. Now I can't lift it if I wanted to.

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25 minutes ago, Octavius said:

 Thanks. The bust of Vespasian is "a genuine fake". It's a very heavy modern reproduction I bought around 10 years ago. Now I can't lift it if I wanted to.

A genuine ancient bust of Vespasian that size would, I'm sure, cost well into six figures! 

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