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Hello everyone


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My friend Qcumbor gave me the reasons why this new forum was born, and I join you today. My level in English hasn't really improved in the last two years, so I will continue to write very little and will only be able to read the shortest and/or the most illustrated subjects. My core collection remains the Parthian coinage, but that won't prevent me from taking an interest in about every post. I greatly appreciate this community of ancient coins enthusiasts, I hope it will live for a very long time!

To start well, of course a Parthian coin:


ARTABANOS III (10-38) - Drachm S.63.10 

Suse - 3.04 g - 19.5 mm

Diademed bust left; on the left a star.

Corrupted legend; Arsaces seated right, a palm behind him.

This coin is not impressive, but it is the only one example of this type I have ever seen.


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My Parthian sector of the collection consists in this sole coin, bought because I always wanted ... just one.


Kings of Parthia. Ekbatana. Artabanus II (...), cca 10-38
Drachm AR
18 mm, 2,87 g
Obv/ bare-headed bust left with medium square cut beard, wearing diadem with loop at the top and three ends, hair almost straight, earring visible; border of dots
Rev/ beardless archer, seated right on throne; in right hand, bow; below bow monogram 26; Greek inscription ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΝ / ΑΡΣΑΚΟΥ / ΕΥΕΡΓΕΤΟΥ ΔΙΚΑΙΟΣ / ΕΠΙΦΑΝΟΥΣ ΦΙΛΕΛΛΗΝΟΣ legend on left read from outside
Sellwood 63.6

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Welcome, Alwin! A toast to you, and to the Arsacids.


Footed Cup or Bowl

Attributed as Parthian by Trudy S. Kawami, and published in her Ancient Iranian Ceramics from the Arthur M. Sackler Collections (1992), figure 170, page 226.

Ex-Arthur M. Sackler Collection, accession number 70.2.747.


- Bob L.

Edited by Kamnaskires
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Welcome @Alwin! Any friend of @Qcumbor is a welcome addition to the forum!

There is only one Parthian coin in the Frog Collection. This coin was given to my son on the occasion of his birth in January of this year:

Pharaates III 

69-57 BC


Rhagai Mint

Obverse: Long-bearded bust left wearing tiara (T39ii) decorated on side with horn and stags with prominent antlers around crest; circular border of pellets.

Reverse: ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΜΕΓΑΛΟΥ ΑΡΣΑΚΟΥ ΕΥΕΡΓΕΤΟΥ ΕΠΙΦΑΝΟΥΣ ΚΑΙ ΦΙΛΕΛΛΗΝΟΣ - Beardless archer wearing bashlyk and cloak seated right on throne, holding bow in right hand; above bow, no border; six-line Greek inscription.

Ex: @Orfew gift to my son. Previously ex @JAZ Numismatics sale 177. From the @Theodosius collection.

How is THAT for a provenance?!?!?! 🙂

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Nice to see you here @Alwin..

Great looking coin and a cool site thanks...

Here's a small Parthian you might appreciate?..

ID help was from @Kamnaskires as it was completely missattributed (Thanks Bob)..

Vardanes I (40-47 AD)
AE Chalkous 11mm/1.8gr..
Obverse- Bust left with short beard, wearing diadem and spiral torque; hair in three distinct waves with earring visible; diadem pendants shown as three lines; circular border of pellets.
Reverse- Monogram ΜΤΘ; legend as dashes
Mint- Mithradatkart-Near modern Askabad in Turkmenistan.
Ref- Sellwood 64 type variant (ΜΤΘ monogram) This is quite a rare type.


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Welcome @Alwin, your website is really well-made and helpful for anyone seeking info on parthian coinage. Glad to see you here.

Here's my only parthian coin, a drachm of Mithridates II minted in Ecbatana (Sellwood 26.1 if I'm not mistaken). image.thumb.jpeg.be980eb6827b80f835707914a9ecc33b.jpeg

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