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Lego Fun, Vol. XVIIII: The Arch of Mars

Julius Germanicus

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Dear coin friends,

some of you who were regulars on Cointalk may have run across my scale reproductions of ancient monuments in the medium of LEGO bricks. So by popular demand (courtesy of our dear member Ocatarinetabellatchitchix) I present to you a new creation. Note that while my buildings consist of 100 % original Lego parts, they are not commercially available as sets but own designs.



At 32 meters, the so-called "Porte de Mars" at Reims (France) is the widest surviving arch of the Roman world. It is the only remaining of the four gates that gave access to the Gallo-Roman town of Durocortorum. The structure is estimated to date from the fist half of the third century A.D. and was later named after the nearby temple of Mars.



I have reconstructed the now missing attic that was likely topped by a quadriga.



Here is an old artist´s impression:



My Lego works had the honour to be presented at the Ballinstadt Museum in Hamburg this summer:



And to keep this coin related, here is my only coin featuring Mars, an unlisted Sestertius of Vitellius:


A VITELLIVS GERMAN IMP AVG PM TR P - Laureate, draped bust of Vitellius right /
S C - Mars, helmeted and naked but for cloak, advancing right, holding transverse spear in right hand and Aquila standard in left hand over left shoulder.
Sestertius, Rome, July/August 69 aD
35,64 mm / 24,29 gr
RIC 141 var. (trophy instead of aquila over Mars’ shoulder) = BMCRE 58 = RCTV I 2208; CBN 108 var. (trophy) = Cohen 79; CBN 104 var. (trophy and legend ends P M TR) = Cohen 79; Mazzini 80 var. (Mars holds aquila, but obv. legend ends P M TR) = Cayon (Los Sestercios del Imperio Romano) 29.


Please post your coins showing Mars, or any cool Lego stuff 🙂

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On 11/13/2022 at 2:22 AM, kirispupis said:

This is an incredible reproduction! Do you design the structures ahead of time (I believe Lego has their own CAD software), then it outputs the bricks you need?

This is one of the very few ancient structures I've photographed.




Thank you for the wonderful pictures 😍

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On 11/13/2022 at 12:46 PM, shanxi said:

With the other buildings in the background, this looks a lot like an exhibition. Is it open to the public?

Yes, it was shown in a museum in Hamburg, Germany for three months. 

All of my ancient Roman Lego architecture (and that of other creators) can next be seen at the Buccerius Art Forum in downtown Hamburg from December 5 to January 7.


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On 11/13/2022 at 12:42 PM, Steppenfool said:

You have a real talent for this stuff! Do you have a resource where I can see them all?

It's a shame you can't buy many historical Lego sets, excluding the big and expensive Colloseum which is a model of the current ruin rather than it in its splendor.

Thank you! I don´t have an online resource yet but you can see some of my earlier works on Cointalk.

Here is my version to the Colosseum:



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