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i've been relooking at coins in my collection that seemed impossible early on to really ever get...i purchased these last year & they are not my 1st trophys' ( i actually have many, considering ), but they are 4 emperors coins that i didn't have for many years...Post a few of your trophy coins...:)   (idea courtesy of @NewStyleKing)


2 denarii of Pertinax, sestertius of Diddius Julianus and denarius of Clodius Ablinus



little river band.jpg

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  • Restitutor changed the title to REMINISCING...4 TROPHYS OF THE YEAR OF THE FIVE...

Nice coins! That DJ sestertius has a mighty fine portrait! Are you planning on getting a Pescennius Niger as well? I'm still looking for a good and affordable Didius Julianus denarius. But in these complex times with high auction prices, I prefer to wait. 

To share a 'trophy'; this denarius of Tiberius was my first 'big' spendure on ancients, beaten by Otho two years later. I had told myself at that time, I would never spend that much, and after having bought the Tiberius one, tried to never spend that much again. I failed. 


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Great grouping!

I wanted Commodus as Herakles for some time and first got one in bronze and then later got the silver:


Pertinax is one of my favorite what ifs:


I sold my Didius Julianus a while back due to caring so little, but ultimately to tell the story I bought this at the same time as my Commodus:


Pescennius sure was a trophy for me. Who knows how this fight would've gone down had Septy not played Clodius Albinus like a fiddle?


share4532426540623740273.png.1b89c8e574e1dcf9f57e1e3a9eb03c42.png*purchased from @Bing

And a reasonable nice conditioned ithyphallic was pretty high on my list as well. Septimius sure have Pescennius and Clodius the big one:



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Thanks for an interesting post, @ominus1 and for a great topic for discussion!

In early 2020 I reminisced and regretted my decision to sell off most of my Roman coins in the previous months.

Eventually I made the decision to replace what I had sold with coins of finer quality.

Here are three of my favorites that surpass those that I had parted with.



Clockwise from top left are: Tiberius (Tribute Penny), Augustus denarius, and Vespasian (Judaea Capta) denarius.


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