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Anyone up for a game of coin UNO?


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Link: Wreath


ELIS, Olympia. 111th Olympiad
336 BCE
AR Stater 22mm, 11.63 g, 6h
Hera mint. Head of Hera right, wearing ornamented stephanos inscribed [FAΛEI]Ω[N] / Eagle standing left, head right, wings spread, on rock; all within wreath.
Seltman, Temple 341–5 var. (dies FG/–); BCD Olympia 159 (same obv. die); HGC 5, 394.

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Link Hera


Obv.: NEΡΩ KΛAΥ KAIΣ ΣEB ΓEΡ AΥ LIΔ, radiate bust left wearing aegis; L IΔ below year 14 (67/68)
Rev.: HΡA AΡΓEIA, veiled bust of Hera Argeia right, wearing stephane, star in front
Billon, 12.21g, 23x23.5mm
Ref.: Milne 297, Curtis 126, RPC I 5315, BMC Alexandria 133, Geissen 200

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Link lions scalp Ar Tetradrachm of Samos 393-388 BC Obv Lions scalp facing Rv Forepart of bull advancing right Barron 134 15.19 grms 24 mm Photo by W. Hansensamos1.jpg.11d20eb2d7eff6d0e617ec432e0bfcfa.jpg

Those of you who remember my thread of the coinage of Alexander III should have noted that among the many coin standards employed by the Persian Empire the Chain standard of which this coin is a representative of,  was an important standard used by many cities along the coast of Asia Minor. 

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A very small coin

Link "Forepart of bull"


Asia Minor, Caria
400 BC
Obv.: Forepart of Bull right
Rev.. Dolphin swimming right, below the carian letter ∇ = K
AE, 0.86g, 8.90mm
Ref.: Koray Konuk, "Coin Evidence for the Carian Name of Keramos", KADMOS XXXIX, p. 164, 1

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Plotina, c. AD 105-122.
Roman provincial Æ 20.0 mm, 5.43 g, 6 h.
Caria, Tabae, AD 105-122.
Obv: ΠΛΩΤЄΙΝ CЄΒΑCΤΗ, diademed and draped bust, right, hair in plait behind
Rev: ΤΑΒΗ-ΝΩΝ, stag standing right.
Refs: RPC III 2292; BMC 18. 170, 79; SNG von Aulock 2720; SNG München 455-6; Robert 143.
Notes: Reverse die match to SNG von Aulock 2720. "Plate" coin at Austin College's Virtual Catalog of Roman Coins.

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Link Macedonian Kingdom


Alexander the Great
AR Drachm
lifetime issue, 334-323 BC, Sardes mint
Struck under Menander,
Obv.: Herakles head right, clad in lion's skin.
Rev.: AΛEΞANΔPOY, Zeus Aëtophoros seated left; bee in left field, IΘP monogram below throne
Ag, 4.03g, 14mm
Ref.: Price 2564

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Link => a cool ol' lion-hat


THESSALY, Skotoussa, AR Hemidrachm 

Early-mid 4th century BC

Diameter: 15 mm

Weight: 2.83 grams

Obverse:  Head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin headdress

Reverse:  Forepart of horse right; Σ KO below

Reference:  BCD Thessaly II 740 (same rev. die)

Other: 12 h ... VF, granular surfaces

Ex-stevex6 … From the BCD Collection

Thessaly Skotoussa.jpg

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Link => Carthage Rocks!!



Circa 300-264 BC

Diameter: 20 mm

Weight: 4.79 grams

Obverse: Wreathed head of Tanit left

Reverse: Horse’s head right; palm tree before, pellet below

Reference: MAA 57m; SNG Copenhagen 175

Other: 7h … brown patina with some light earthen deposits



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Link:Macedonian royal 8 pointed star


Alexander III the Great (336-323 BC). Ae 1/4 Unit. Uncertain mint in Macedon. Possible lifetime issue.

Obv: Macedonian shield, with star on boss.

Rev: B - A.

Helmet; kerykeion to right.

Price 419A; HGC 3.1, 965 (Alexander IV).


Condition: Very fine.

Weight: 2.08 g.

Diameter: 11 mm



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