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Two small moons, nebulous rings and glowing poles: NASA has released impressive new images of Jupiter from the James Webb Space Telescope. These images are taken from the observations of a tool by James Webb, NiRcam, which observes the near infrared, a field invisible to the naked eye. The data collected, which will be studied by the researchers to better understand the internal workings of Jupiter, have been adapted to draw these illustrations visible to the human eye. A $10 billion engineering gem, the James Webb Telescope was launched into space almost eight months ago and is 935,000 miles from Earth.


The Great Red Spot it still there on the pictures. It’s a region of persistent high pressure in Jupiter's atmosphere, producing an anticyclonic storm that is the strongest in the solar system. Located 22 degrees south of Jupiter's equator, it produces winds of up to 268 mph. Sightings from 1664 to 1713 are thought to be of the same storm; if that is correct, it has been around for at least 358 years. It was next sighted in September 1831, with 60 sightings recorded between that date and 1878, when continuous sightings began until our days. I will never forget the first time I saw Jupiter and its moons in a friend’s telescope 40 years ago; and I’ll also never forget the first time I bought a coin bearing the god Jupiter 10 years ago…


Please show me your Jupiter’s coins examples !


Some of mine never been shown here:

Jupiter presenting Victory to Carus



Jupiter presentingVictory to Constantius Chlorus



Jupiter holding Victory and sceptre


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a beautiful picture of Jupiter !


here are two coins:



AR Denarius
Obv.: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG GERM, laureate head right
Rev.: P M TR P XVIIII COS IIII P P, Jupiter, standing half-right, looking left, thunderbolt in right and scepter in left
Ag, 2.40g, 20mm
Ref.: RIC IV 275a



Licinius II
AE-Follis , Antiochia, 317-320
Obv: DN VAL LICIN LICINIVS NOB C, Bust of Licinius II, laureate, draped, left, holding sceptre in right hand and mappa in left hand
Rev: IOVI CONSERVATORI CAESS/ Jupiter, nude, chlamys draped across left shoulder, standing left, holding Victory on globe in right hand and leaning on sceptre with left hand; to left, captive
OfficinaMark: BI
MintMark: SMANT
3.14g, 17mm
RIC VII, p.680, 29 (R4)



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Gordian III, AD 238-244.
Roman AR antoninianus, 3.62 g, 21.6 mm, 5 h.
Rome mint, 2nd officina, 3rd emission, AD 241-243.
Obv: IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust, right.
Rev: IOVI STATORI, Jupiter standing facing, head right, holding scepter and thunderbolt.
Refs: RIC 84; Cohen 109; RCV 8615; Hunter 51.

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Hadrian, AD 117-138. Æ Sestertius (28.17g, 34mm, 7h). Rome mint struck AD 119-120. Obv: IMP CAESAR TRAIANVS HADRIANVS AVG; Laureate heroic bust to right, wearing balteus strap. Rev: PONT MAX TR POT COS III; Jupiter seated to left, holding Victory and sceptre; S•C in exergue. Ref: RIC II.3 249; C. 1184 var. (obv. legend); BMCRE 1146. 



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Q. Antonius Balbus, 83-82 BC. Rome Mint. AR Denarius: 4.07 gm, 20 mm, 5 h. Obverse Jupiter, reverse Victory in quadriga, holding reins, palm branch & wreath. Crawford 364 / 1d.


Roman Egypt. Hadrian, AD 117-138 (struck year 10). Billon Tetradrachm: 13.37 gm, 25 mm, 12 h. Obverse laureate bust of Hardian; reverse bust of Jupiter with tainia. 



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These coins are part of the coded series from Siscia. Coins for Diocletian spell out Jupiter and Maximianus coins spell out Hercules. The reverses below are Diocletian stg. r., and Jupiter stg. l., sacrificing at altar, each holding sceptre.


the first bit in the exergue is XXI (20:1 bronze to silver) and then workshop A= I, workshop B= O and workshop Γ = BI     I/O/BI for Jupiter










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As every child knows when drawing people, size is related to importance. Therefore, Jupiter ought to be large, even compared to the emperor. This coin illustrates that simple understanding.


Gordian III, 238-244.
22 mm. 4.52 grams.
Jupiter, with thunderbolt and staff, protects the emperor.
RIC 2. Struck July 238 - July 239 "first issue" . Sear III 8614.

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Hi All,




Æ Follis
Size: 20x21 mm
Weight: 3.61 g
Axis: 0

Obv: Licinius radiate crown draped bust facing right. Legend: IMPGVALLICINLICINIVSPFAVG. Dotted border.
Rev: IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG: Zeus holding Nike in outstrechtched right arm; Left arm cradles a long staff and robe. In left field: eagle holding a wreath, facing left, head turned to right but looking up. In right field: wreath over Є above N. In exergue: ALE. Dotted border
Ref: RIC VII, Alexandria, 10 (OFF E).

- Broucheion

Edited by Broucheion
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Ar Victoriatus "Q" South Italian Mint 211-210 BC Obv Head of Jupiter right laureate Rv Victory crowning trophy. Crawford 102/1 3.43 grms 15 mm Photo by W. Hansen.102-b.jpeg.fb3ae89e2f1898aa546e88b47cd07215.jpeg

This is the first of these rather enigmatic coins that I had managed to purchase. Even then I was a bit concerned about its attribution to Crawford 102/1 owing to a confusion with how the Q was formed.    I am happier with the attribution now. However I do like these little numismatic puzzles. 

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Silver Coin (AR Antoninianus) minted at Rome during the reign of GORDIAN III between 241 - 243 A.D. Obv. IMP.GORDIANVS.PIVS.FEL.AVG.: bust rad., dr., cuir. r. Rev. IOVI.STATORI.: Jupiter standing front, head r., holding long sceptre and thunderbolt. RCS #2437. RSCIV #109. RICIV #84. DVM #20.

Silver Coin (AR Antoninianus) minted at Rome during the reign of GORDIAN III between July 238 - July 239 A.D. Obv. IMP.CAES.M.ANT.GORDIANVS.AVG.: rad. bust dr. and cuir. seen from the side or slightly from the back. Rev. IOVI.CONSERVATORI.: Jupiter stg. front hd. l., holding thunderbolt in r. hand over Gordian III stg. l. and vertical sceptre in l. hand. RCS #2436. RSCIV #105a. RICIV #2 DVM #19.

Bronze Coin (AE Antoninianus) minted at Rome during the reign of GALLIENUS between 253 - 268 A.D. Obv. GALLIENVS.AVG.: Rev. IOVI.VLTORI.: Jupiter walking l., holding thunderbolt and sceptre. RSCIV #401. RICV #S52. DVM #117.

Billion Coin (AE Antoninianus) minted at Siscia during the reign of AURELIAN between 270 – 275 A.D. Obv. IMP.AVRELIANVS.AVG.; Rad., dr. & cuir. bust r. Rev. IOVI.CONSERV.; Jupiter stg. r., holding sceptre, presenting globe to AURELIAN, stg. l., holding sceptre. RCS #112 RICV #174

Bronze coin (AE Antoninianus) minted at Antioch during the reign of PROBUS between 276 - 282 A.D. Obv. IMP.C.M.AVR.PROBVS.P.AVG.: Radiate, draped & cuir. bust r. Rev. CLEMENTIA.TEMP.: PROBUS standing r, holding sceptre, receiving Victory from Jupiter stg. l., holding sceptre. RICV #923. DVM #10.

EF-157 OBV.jpg

EF-157 REV.jpg

EFA-212 OBV.jpg

EFA-212 REV.jpg

ESE-338 OBV.jpg

ESE-338 REV.jpg

EZC-342 OBV.jpg

EZC-342 REV.jpg

FCA-175 OBV.jpg

FCA-175 REV.jpg

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Laur. head of Jupiter right , SC behind.

Appears to be the principal coinage of the faction opposed to the return of Sulla to Rome. Balbus strikes as praetor by special decree of the Senate.

Victory in quadriga right holding wreath and palm. Control letter M below.

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