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10 hours ago, dougsmit said:

Next: another bull that is not Roman but is lounging


LOCAL ISSUES, Kabul. Shahis (Shahiyas). Samanta Deva, circa 850-1000. Jital (Silver, 19 mm, 3.37 g, 5 h). SRI SAMANTA DEVA ('Lord Samanta Deva' in Nagari) Zebu recumbent to left with symbol on rump; in field to left, star above pellet. Rev. Rider facing on horseback to right, holding banner in his left hand; in field to left, 'bhi' (in Nagari). Tye 14

Next : India or around India



Edit : too late @Spaniard beat me to it with the same idea 🙂

Next : standing bull still


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Antioch Pisidia pseudo-autonomous assarion.jpg
Roman provincial Æ 13 mm, 1.2 g.
Antioch, Pisidia, time of Antoninus Pius, AD 138-161.
Obv: ANTIOCH, draped bust of Mercury/Hermes (head assimilated to portrait of Marcus Aurelius as Caesar), left; to right, caduceus.
Rev: COLONI, rooster walking right.
Refs: RPC IV.3, 7350 (temporary); BMC 19.176,1 (pl. XXXI, 1); SNG von Aulock 4916; Krzyżanowska 140–1, VII.7–9; cf. SNG BN 1067.

Next: Antioch in Pisidia!

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Obv:– IVLIA DOMNA AVG, Draped bust right
Rev:– ANTIOC-H MENCIS, Mên standing right, holding sceptre and Nike with trophy in left hand, sceptre in right; cock to left and bucranium at feet
Minted in Pisidia, Antioch


Next:- Another Provincial of Julia Domna

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6-hour rule. (I have no Domna Provincials, I'm afraid.)

Plautilla (wife of Caracalla; issued under Septimius Severus & Caracalla), AR Denarius, 203-204 AD, Rome Mint.  Obv. Draped bust right, hair in horizontal waves and drawn into large bun at back, PLAVTILLAE AVGVSTAE / Rev. Caracalla standing left, holding volumen with left hand and clasping right hands with Plautilla standing right, PROPAGO IMPERI. Short hairline flan crack. RIC IV (Caracalla) 362, RSC III (Plautilla) 21, Sear RCV II 7073 (ill.). 18 mm., 3.30 g., 6 h. [First appearance of reverse legend PROPAGO IMPERI, celebrating the hoped-for continuation of the Severan house through the union of Caracalla and Plautilla. Cf. RIC IV 367, showing Pietas (representing Plautilla) on reverse holding child, believed to have been issued to celebrate the 204 AD birth of child who died in infancy.]  


Next, another royal couple together on the same side of a Roman coin, whether Imperial or Provincial.

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This coin is the third known example of its type.

Faustina Jr SALVTI AVGVSTAE S C standing dupondius.jpg

Faustina II, AD 147-175.
Roman Æ as or dupondius, 11.21 g, 25.2 mm, 11 h.
Rome, AD 162-164.
Obv: FAVSTINA AVGVSTA, draped bust of Faustina, right, wearing strand of pearls.
Rev: SALVTI AVGVSTAE S C, Salus standing left, feeding snake coiled round altar from patera in right hand and holding short vertical scepter in left hand.
Refs: RIC 1672; Cohen 205; BMCRE p. 542 note; RCV --; MIR --.
Notes: Otherwise known from an example in the Staatliches Münzkabinett in Vienna and another with an illegible reverse legend found in 1984 at Stonea Grange in Cambridgeshire and now in the British Museum.
Next: Salus/Hygieia.
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14-29 A.D. AE Dupondius (31 mm, 13.13 gms), Rome Mint.
RIC-Tiberius 47. Bareheaded
and draped bust of Julia Augusta (Livia) as Salus Augusta right; Reverse: Large
S.C, inscription around. Light brown with some granularity. Nearly VERY FINE.
Former: Savoca

Next: Livia

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Macedon. Thessalonica. Tiberius and Livia AD 14-37.

Bronze Æ

21 mm, 8,41 g

Obv: ΤΙ ΚΑΙΣΑΡ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΟΣ, head of Tiberius, r. / ΣΕΒΑΣΤΗ ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΕΩΝ, bust of Livia, r

RPC I 1567, Touratsoglou, Tiberius 38–61 (c. 22–3 and later)



Next - Tiberius

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You didn't say WHICH Tiberius!

Tiberius II Constantine AD 574-582 and Anastasia.
Byzantine Æ half-follis, 5.02 g, 20.4 mm, 7 h.
Thessalonica, AD 579.
Obv: dmTibCONS TANTPPAV, Nimbate Tiberius and Anastasia seated facing on double throne; he holds globus cruciger, she a scepter.
Rev: Large K; above, cross; to left, A/N/N/O; to right, regnal indicator V (=5); beneath, TЄS.
Refs: Berk 398; DOC 23; SB 439; MIBE 65.
Next: Byzantine with emperor and empress side-by-side.
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16 minutes ago, Ryro said:

next: Large bronze


Roman Republic - As minted at Rome, circa 211-206 BC
No legend, head of janus
Prow of galley right, ROMA at exergue, I above galley
37.22 gr
Ref RCV # 627


Next Janus or janiform


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Hemilitron (AE 17mm) 344-317 bc. ΣΥΡΑΚΟΣΙΩΝ head of Persephone l., wearing triple-pendant earring and necklace, hair tied with fillet. Rv. Forepart of Pegasos left; below Σ. 4,83gr. Head of Persephone. SNG ANS 530; SNG Cop.734; Laffaille 224; Virzi 1493; Calciati II 184,79An unusual depiction of Pegasos on a bronze from Syracuse, this coin is roughly from the time of Timoleon or the Third Democracy.


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