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  1. $5 a month for PBS passport and unlimited viewing. I don't have cable etc and don't otherwise watch TV - PBS is the exception.
  2. It is an amazing programme - and an intriguing mystery. One topic avoided in the programme was the hold-up on validating that Prince Edward and Prince Richard actually survived could be easily verified by doing a DNA test on the remains of two young boys found behind a set of stairs in the Tower of London in 1674. The bones were last examined in the 1930s and re-interred in Westminster Abbey and the two most recent British monarchs have not consented to having the remains tested to do a DNA sequence. Until the 1980s there was some belief by a few researchers that coins were issued in the name of Edward V - now it is believed that the coins so believed were actually issued during the reign of Edward IV.
  3. Made an order for some goods from Mykolaiv Ukraine - just NW of recently liberated city of Kherson on Monday. Will be arriving tomorrow at my NE USA address. From an active war zone in 5 days door to door.
  4. I've all but given up on Royal Mail - 10 weeks for a shipment from Scotland. It was not cheap shipping. Frankly now I limit the mid range purchases and hold out for larger combo purchases and pay the exorbitant fees for shipping via FEDEX - at least it arrives in about 3-4 days. In contrast to Royal Mail - I have three parcels coming from Ukraine right now and even with all the expected disruptions due to the war - they are actually coming along really quickly through Ukrposhta - one sent Monday has already made it out of Ukraine.
  5. Parcel was sent 12 December from Aberdeen. Tracking dropped off after that, seller was dismissive but finally refunded my money three weeks ago. Now 2.5 months later guess what shows up in my P.O. box unannounced! Beats the old record for a parcel sent from Aberdeen that took 8 weeks. The longest I have waited for a parcel was for some model house kits from Russia before the pandemic - took nearly 3 months. Disappointed at all the war, sanctions etc because skilled Russians with laser CNC machinery do the best work.
  6. I spent an hour I'll never get back perusing and drooling over some of the ancients and especially the early dated Medieval German gold.
  7. Purchased in 1993 in Hamburg. It is a cast fake in .900 gold of a non-existent date for this issue. Then I had several Prussian, Baden, Wurttemberg, Bavaria 20 mark coins and wanted one of the Hansa city coins to add to the collection.
  8. I'm lucky that when I accidently bid on something I was not interested in it was only €15 and I turned around and sold it a couple of years later for about €120 or so. For €240 I'd eat it and consign it for a future sale.
  9. It is an amazing programme - I have PBS passport - $5 a month for unlimited viewing of everything - only streaming service my cheap bum will pay for.
  10. Technically a medal but struck on a 50 Peso (1.2057oz) coin blank - this commemorates the Mexican Constitution of 1857.
  11. I buy food etc from Ukraine all the time. For awhile last year shipping could take up to three months. For some groceries we are having to make stuff from scratch, like drinks we used to buy cannot get anymore. We can get basic ingredients for many grocery items but some like flour are not the same and stuff doesn't turn out the same.
  12. Is there way to see original article without registering or downloading?
  13. Похоже, вы просто способствуете подделке монет во имя искусства. Это как называть жестокую войну <<Специальной военной операцией>>
  14. One that has haunted me since whenever I saw it for auction and didn't bite. From Syracuse with Kore on the obverse and Nike on the reverse.
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