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Seleukeia ad Kalykadnon
Asia Minor, Cilicia
AE24, 150-50 BC
Obv: Helmeted head of Athena right, mongram behind
Nike advancing left, holding branch; AΘΗ over monogram to left.
AE, 8.32 g, 24mm
Ref.: SNG France 895; SNG Levante 680


Next: very small nose

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Nobody would expect Nerva for this request, but it is what it is


28 mm, 11,46 g.
Syria, Seleucis and Pieria, Antioch. Nerva 96-98 AD. Ӕ.
IMP CAESAR NERVA AVG III COS, laureate head of Nerva, r. / S C, in laurel wreath of eight bunches of leaves; below S 😄 no letter.
RPC III, 3478; Wruck 137; CRS 183; McAlee 421(l).

Next - a smile on an ancient coin 

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14 hours ago, Octavius said:

Next, As of Germanicus...


Germanicus, Dupondius - Posthumous issue of Caligula, in honour of his father (died AD 19)
Rome mint, AD 37-41
GERMANICVS CAESAR, Germanicus in triumphal quadriga right
SIGNIS RECEPT DEVICTIS GERM, Germanicus standing left, rising right arm, holding legionnary eagle
17.79 gr
Ref : RCV #1820, Cohen #7

Next : a 1st century dupondius please


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Herrenia Etruscilla, wife of Trajan Decius. 249-251 AD.
AR Antoninianus
Obverse: HER ETRVSCILLA AVG. Diademed and draped bust right on crescent.
Reverse: PVDICITIA AVG. Pudicitia seated left holding sceptre and drawing veil from her face.
RIC IV 59b. Hunter 5; RSC 19
 Rome mint, A.D. 250.  3,8 g – 20,5 mm


NEXT: Trajan Decius

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7 minutes ago, expat said:

NEXT: Trajan Decius


Trajan Decius, Semis - Rome mint, AD 249-250
IMP C M Q TRAIANVS DECIVS AVG Laureate and draped bust right
Mars standing left, holding spear and shield. S|C in field
19 mm, 4,71 gr
Ref : RIC # 128, Cohen # 102, RCV # 9433

Next : one of their sons, either Herennius Etruscus or Hostilian


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Taras, Calabria

333-331/30 BC (Period IV - Archidamos and the Third Lucanian War)
AR Didrachm (20mm, 7.54g)
Signed by the Kal... engraver. 
O: Nude horseman right, wearing shield on left arm and holding two spears in left hand, preparing to thrust third spear held in right hand; |- behind, Δ before, ΚΑΛ and Δ below.
R: Phalanthos astride dolphin right, holding crested helmet; stars flanking, ΤΑΡΑΣ to left, ΚΑΛ below.
D'Andrea XXXII, 657; Vlasto 545; Cote 215; McGill II, 41; Evans IV, H3; HGC I, 794; HN Italy 896; SNG ANS 971; Sear 345
ex Monarch Beach

Next: odd denomination


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Taras, Calabria

272-235 BC
AR 3/8 Obol (6mm, 0.16g)
O: Two cresents back to back; two pellets above and below.
R: Two cresents back to back; two pellets above and below.
D'Andrea XLIV, 1609c (this coin); Vlasto 1758; McGill II, 216; HN Italy 1077; Sear 361v
ex Roma Numismatics

D'Andrea plate coin, Series XLIV, 1609c

Next: a fish (not dolphin)


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Athens, Attica

454-431 BC
AR Tetradrachm (24mm, 16.95g)
O: Head of Athena with archaic eye right, wearing Attic helmet decorated with palmette and olive leaves.
R: Owl standing right, head facing; olive sprig and cresent moon above, AΘE to right, all within incuse square.
SNG Cop 31; Kroll 8; Sear 2526
ex Steven Battelle

With her almond eye and Mona Lisa-like grin, along with her companion owl (Athene Noctua), these classic 5th century tetradrachms from Athens are truly THE iconic ancient coin.

Next: facing head


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