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Bad Emperor


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After acquiring a couple of Antoninus bronzes I thought I should have a bad emperor as well. Got it this morning.

A damnatio memoriae was undertaken against Carinus after his death, removing his name and image from as many works of literature and art as possible while also destroying statues of him.

CARINUS. Æ. Antoninian. Aequitas. 283-284 AD

IMP CM AVR CARINVS AVG, radiate, draped, cuirassed bust right

AEQVITAS AVGG, Aequitas, standing left, holding scales

and cornucopiae, A in right field

Lyons mint. RIC V-2, 212

2.88 g. 22 mm. (VF +). Brown patina



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Nice coin and nice style.

On a single auction I managed to add 3 related characters - Carus/Carinus/Numerian.


Here is my Carinus as Caesar.


Carinus, as Caesar AD 282-283. Rome
Antoninianus Æ
20 mm, 3,61 g
M AVR CARINVS NOB CAES, bust of Carinus, radiate, draped, cuirassed, right / PIETAS AVGG, pontifical implements, variously arranged
MintMark: -/-//KAZ
RIC V Carus 155


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Bronze coin (AE Antoninianus) minted at Siscia during the reign of CARUS between 282 - 283 A.D. Obv. IMP.C.M.AVR.CARVS.P.F.AVG.: Radiate, draped bust r. Rev. PROVIDENTIA.AVG.: Providentia standing left, holding globe and sceptre, in ex. XXI, in r. field, II. RCS #3404. RICV #105 pg.147.



Bronze coin (AE Antoninianus) minted at Rome during the reign of CARINUS between 283 - 285 A.D. Obv. IMP.CARINVS.P.F.AVG.: Radiate, draped & cuir. bust r. Rev. GENIVS.EXERCITI.: Genius standing left, holding patera & cornucopia, in ex. KAA. RCS #3467. RICVpii #256 pg.171. DVM #10 pg.265. Surface is a little rough but legends are very bold.


Bronze coin (AE Antoninianus) minted at Cyzicus during the reign of NUMERIAN between 283 - 284 A.D. Obv. IMP.C.NVMERIANVS.P.F.AVG.: Radiate, draped bust r. Rev. CLEMENTIA.TEMP.: NUMERIAN receiving Victory on globe from Jupiter, in ex. XXI. in field, B. RCS #3428. RICV #463 pg.201. DVM #4 pg.264. F+/AVF, fairly rough but centered & nice with strongly highlighted patina.



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My Carus, Carinus, and Numerian, the first one minted in Antioch and the other two in Ticinum (now Pavia, Italy):




The facial profiles of the reverse personifications on the two coins from Ticinum look remarkably similar to me.

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The history of the world might have been different had Carinus been able to keep it in his toga.

Carinus, Augustus AD 283-285
Roman billon Antoninianus
Lugdunum, AD 283
Obv: IMP C M AVR CARINVS AVG, radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust, right
Rev: SAECVLI FELICITAS, emperor in military attire, standing right, holding transverse spear and globe, officina mark D (=4) in right field
Refs: RIC 214; Cohen 120; RCV 12354; Hunter 37; Pink, p. 22, series 4.


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Here's my Carinus entry in my "Captives Collection," the young prince with a bound Quadi captive:


Roman Imperial. Carinus, as Caesar, Billon Antoninianus (22mm, 3.68 g, 6h), Ticinum mint, 3rd officina. 2nd emission, December 282 CE.
Obv: M AVR CARINVS NOB C. Radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: PRINCIPI IVVENTVT. Carinus standing left, holding globe and spear; to left, captive seated left; TXXI.
Ref: RIC V 182; Pink VI/2, p. 28.
Prov: CNG E-Auction 509 (9 February 2022), Lot 738; From the Crescent Collection.
Notes: Likely celebrating the young Caesar Carinus' military successes quashing the Quadi uprising in Gaul. Video & Photos: https://imgur.com/gallery/Qh2f1PD


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How about a bad coin of a bad emperor?



Domitian as Caesar [Vespasian]

AR Quinarius (Broken), 1.04g
Rome mint, 75 AD
Obv: CAES AVG F DOMIT COS III; Head of Domitian, laureate, bearded, r.
Rev: VICTORIA AVGVSTI; Victory std. l., with wreath and palm
RIC 791 (C). BMC 158. RSC 634. BNC 136.
Acquired from GB Collection, June 2016

It was a freebie so can't complain. 😂

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@expat Nice portait


Some Carinus examples from Alexandrtia:



Carinus as Caesar
Alexandria AD 282-283
Obv.: A K M A KAPINOC K, laureate and cuirassed bust right
Rev.: LA (year 1, 282-283), Tyche standing left, rudder in right, cornucopia in left
Billon, 7.71g, 18.8mm
Ref.: Geissen 3172, Dattari 5576, Kampmann/Ganschow 115.3


Carinus 283-285
Obv.: A K M A KAPINOC CEB, laureate and cuirassed bust right
Rev.: ΛEΓ B TΡAI, eagle standing left, wreath in beak, head turned back, L Γ (year 3 =284-285) right
Billon, 6.94g, 18.85mm
Ref.: Geissen 3183, D5593, Kampmann/Ganschow 115.16



Carinus 283-285
Obv.: A K M A KAPINOC CEB, laureate and cuirassed bust right
Rev.: Elpis standing left, holding flower and raising dress, date L-B (year 2)
Billon, 7.78g, 19.2mm
Ref.: Milne 4701, Curtis 1917, Geissen 3178, Emmett 4007



Carinus 283-285
Obv.: A K M A KAPINOC CEB, laureate and cuirassed bust right
Rev.: ETOYC Γ (year 3), Homonoia standing left, raising right arm, double cornucopia in left
Billon, 8.23g, 19.2mm
Ref.: Milne 4737, Curtis 1922, BMC 2455, Geissen 3185, Dattari 5586




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Not bad OP coin for a bad boy


Carinus, Antoninianus - Rome mint, 2nd officina, 5th emission, Nov 284 AD
IMP CARINVS PF AVG, Radiate and cuirassed bust of Carinus right
IOVI VI - CTORI, Jupiter standing left, holding victory and sceptre. Eagle at feet. KAB at exergue
4,25 gr, 22 mm
Ref : RCV #12348, Cohen #45, RIC vol V #257



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Was Carinus really that bad of an emperor, or was it largely Diocletianic propaganda?


Attribution: RIC IV 23
Date: 235-238 AD
Obverse: MAXIMINVS PIVS AVG GERM, Laureate and draped bust right
Reverse: VICTORIA GERM, Victory standing left holding wreath in right hand and palm in left, captive seated at feet
Size: 20.51 mm
Weight: 3.7 grams



Some considered Maximinus I to be a bad emperor.

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RIC V (2) 82carus.jpg.b6b45edf7f73245efa793c1e7a93b939.jpg

son 1 ( CARINUS ) as CAESAR, rev: VIRTUS AVGG, /B//XXI

RIC (2) 207carin1.jpg.af4617926a8d3104a6b6ec8dd2fb2feb.jpg


RIC (2) 253carin2.jpg.04ccf9599e3cf8f4e049c4ebdab3c128.jpg


RIC V (2) 447num.jpg.7e88cf771aab11a60112576a0e71336a.jpg

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It's actually a pretty nice, glossy coin.  I think it might be my only Carinus.


RB41911. Silvered antoninianus, RIC V 212, SRCV III 12339, C 8, VF, Lugdunum (Lyon) mint, weight 2.587g, maximum diameter 22.3mm, die axis 180o, 283 A.D.; obverse IMP C M AVR CARINVS AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right; reverse AEQVITAS AVGG, Aequitas standing left, scales in right, cornucopia in left, A (1st officina) right;  Ex: Forum




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