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Are We Really Alone ?

Al Kowsky

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Today NPR reported that another Monolith has been discovered in Las Vegas, in an article by Joe Hernandez: Another monolith appeared near Las Vegas. Who's behind these mysterious objects? As of today there have been 245 of these monoliths reported world wide 😲! When ever I read of another monolith being discovered I think back to the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. Pictured below is a drawing by Hal Hefner, depicting the seen in that movie. hal-hefner-2001-the-monolith-hal-hefner-2.jpg.359f3504b25ad83c02662857f21bcfa2.jpg

The very first monolith was discovered in Utah in 2020, but was allegedly planted there in 2016. Utah_Desert_Monolith2016discovered2020.jpg.508bab3cb6bff63771afd1371118f38b.jpg

                                                              The 1st Monolith discovered in Utah

The recent monolith discovered in Las Vegas on June 17, is pictured below. LasVegasMonolithJune172024.webp.28bb3459d9501622b98b3df8ff24b9fd.webp

Strange as it may seem, to date no one has taken credit or claimed responsibility for these monoliths 🤔. For anyone interested in more info on these monoliths, there is an active website about them; www.MonolithTracker.com. Anrdrei Carabelea, mayor of the Romanian city of Piatra, joked about a monolith that arose in his city, "My guess is that some naughty, terrifying alien teenagers left home with their parents' UFO and started planting monoliths around the world" 🤣. What are your thoughts on these monoliths 🤨?

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I lived in Utah when they found the first one. And an artist has since taken credit, explained how he and friends did it, reported it, and taken it down. 

Buuuut, if you're looking for proof of Aliens, look no further than my rare quarter unit MSC from Demetrius Poliorcetes. Normally a Macedonian helmet with bushel above on the reverse. But here we clearly see a UFO flying under clouds, beaming up very receptive Macedonians for probing!


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They visited late into the Byzantine period, when Isaac II was in power, too. Look at that hand reaching out from the right...



It always reminted me of the aliens from Independence Day...

Alien Explorations: Independence Day: Likely sources of reference for the  ID4 alien exoskeleton suits

where we were saved by ace pilot, Russell Casse.

Hello Boys Im Back Independence Day GIF

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Putting aside the monolith phenomenon, all the questionable testimonials of alien abductions, & all the fake photoshop images of UFOs, I'm not arrogant enough to believe we are the only intelligent life form in the universe 😏

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