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From friends collection..


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20 hours ago, galba68 said:

Hadrian sestertius, Concordia, 26 gr..





*True pocket size monuments on which the hand of time has laid patinas whose colours are matched solely on the palettes of Flemish painters*


*The Imperial Sestertii and their patinas*

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Wow, this thread is packed full of amazing green examples!!


Ummm, here are a few of my ol' examples ... yup, green is pretty cool (errr, when it's under control)


Copy of Campania Teanum Sidicinum.jpg

dolphin & scallop.jpg

Gallienus Eagle Tet.jpg

greena a.jpg

greenb a.jpg

griffin & horse.jpg

Ionia Klazomenai.jpg

Jovian AE1.jpg

khusro II.jpg

lucius verus.jpg

Marcus Griffin a.jpg

Marcus Griffin b.jpg


Pontos Amisos again.jpg

Pontos Amisos Nike.jpg

Seleukid Kingdom Antiochos I.jpg

Sicily Selinos.jpg

Tyche & Eagle.jpg


=> yup, GREEN ROCKS!!

Galba68 => man, that is a beautiful coin addition (congrats)





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