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Let your horses see! Yee-haw!

Prieure de Sion

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I just came across horses on coins through the "Post-it" thread - and since my second hobby is riding - I thought I'd show you your horses.

Since I am a really enthusiastic rider - I also thought of using this as a collecting area. But collecting areas are like smoke and mirrors for me and don't last long 😄

But to the point!

Show me your horses on your coins.

1. please no bigas, trigas or quadrigas where you can hardly recognise the horse. Coins on which a single horse is in the foreground or at least a horse's head!

2. no matter what era. Greeks, Celts, Romans, Middle Ages, medals - it doesn't matter - I would like to see beautiful powerful muscular horses (or as I said, an expressive horse's head will do).

I somehow only have two coins with single horses, I noticed. One greek coin from Tarentum and one of Geta.
What do you have?







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Good idea for a thread !


Here is one of my metal horses


Larissa, Thessaly
AR Drachm
Obv.: Head of the nymph Larissa facing slightly left
Rev: Mare with foal, both standing right; ΛAPIΣ above, AIΩN in exergue.
Ag, 5.98g
Ref.: CNG 292, Lancaster 2012, Nr. 85 (same dies)




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I don't know what category Celtic horses come under. Perhaps 'expressive'. If they have a head, anyway.

Antedios ‘D-Bar’ Unit, 10-30image.png.ec06cd761c6d12f0fea9d709c066978c.pngIceni tribe, East Anglia. Silver, 13x14mm, 1.01g. Horse right, corn-ear mane, pellet daisy above, pellet under tail, pellet triad and ANTĐ monogram below. Double moon emblem on vertical wreath (ABC 1645).

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The other end of British chronology...

George VI Five Shillings, 1951image.png.5cb7e61c5496a67f8e084bf53bd1c012.pngLondon. Copper-nickel, 39mm, 28g. Uncrowned portrait of King George VI left; GEORGIVS VI D:G:BR:OMN:REX F:D: FIVE SHILLINGS. St George slaying the dragon right, date and engraver's initials in exergue, 1951 B.P (Benedetto Pistrucci). Edge: Incuse legend MDCCCLI CIVIUM INDUSTRIA FLORET CIVITAS MCMLI (S 4111). Legal tender at 25 pence.

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1 hour ago, jdmKY said:

BONUS PHOTO - me with American Pharoah

Oh fantastic - a beautiful horse. magnificent! What do you have there? I don't have many pictures because I sit on them most of the time. Here is an older one with my daughter who is also quite in love with horses. I used to jump in competitions. Today I only ride through the forest in my spare time 😄 ... a tribute to old age.




There are more horses going for metal discs 🙂 ... where are all the little animals? 

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Holy Smokes!! ... fantastic horse-coins, gang!!



Ummm, here is my first herd of horses ...

"They're at the post => and they're off"


Aeolis Kyme AR Hemiobol.JPG




Antoninus Pius Group big d.jpg

Boeotia Tanagra.jpg

c piso lf frugi.jpg

Calabria Tarentum.jpg

Caria Mylasa AE10.jpg


Celtic Gaul AE Potin.JPG

Celtic Tribes of Gaul Coriosolite.jpg

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... it's a photo-finish => but yes, in a field of 49 horse-coins, it's Vandal-Horse for the win!!

Thrace Maroneia AR Tetrobol.jpg

tyche & horse.jpg


... and it's the long-shot "Vandal-Horse" for the win!!



Attribution: MEC 45
Date: 523-533 AD
Obverse: Soldier standing facing
Reverse: Head of horse left, XXI in exergue
Size: 20.26 mm
Weight: 6.28 grams
A super-fast runner


Vandal Horse.jpg


... phew ... what a fantastic race, eh?


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Here is a rather martial horseman:


Roman Republic, moneyer: M. Sergius Silus, AR denarius, 116–115 BC, Rome mint. Obv: EX·S·C ROMA; helmeted head of Roma, r., denominational mark X. Rev: Q M·SERGI SILVS; one-armed horseman (Marcus Sergius Silus) l., holding sword and severed head in l. hand. 17mm, 2.84g. RRC RRC 286/1.

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Sicily, Himera, Stater or Didrachm, 430 BC, AU(50-53), Silver, SNG ANS:168f  

Nude rider dismounting from a horse galloping left, retrograd legend in exergue.  Apparently a “picture” of the Olympic et al anabates event where the rider ran some of the race on foot next to his horse. 


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1 hour ago, Di Nomos said:

Love all these horse coins!

My three are an archaic horse followed by a somewhat more classical horse followed by a somewhat different kind of horse.......




All three coins fantastic. But I especially like number two. How at that time the horse was not only depicted as a pure farm animal, but already as a noble steed. 

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Æ 11 mm., 1,68 g.
CARIA. Mylasa. Ae (Circa 210-30 BC). Obv: Forepart of horse right. Rev: MYΛΑΣΕΩΝ. Ornate trident head. SNG Keckman 225.


CILICIA, Kelenderis (ca 425-400) AR Obol
Horse prancing right
Rev: KE Goat crouching left, looking backwards.
SNG von Aulock 5643; Göktürk 9; SNG France 116 var. (goat left);  Demeester 143.
0,55 g, 9 mm




11 mm, 0,93 g

Thessaly, Larissa AR Trihemiobol. Circa 356-320 BC. Head of the nymph Larissa facing slightly to left, wearing ampyx and necklace / Thessalian horseman charging to right; ΛΑΡΙΣΑΙΩΝ around. BCD Thessaly II 341; HGC 4, 515.


Troas. Gargara circa 400-300 BC.
Bronze Æ
7 mm, 0,63 g
Laureate head of Apollo right. / ΓAΡ above horse galloping right. Lindgren 362; SNG AUL 7599, SNG AUL 1511, SNG LEIPZIG 1113, SNG COP 20 331


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Jean II de Bourbon, Duc de Bourbon (1456-1488), Franc à cheval

Atelier de Trévoux
+IONES*DVX*BORBONI*TREVOBCII׃DNS. Buste cuirassé du Prince à gauche, portant le collier de l'ordre de St Michel.
DEXTER A*D NI.*EXAL TAVIT*MEA Le Prince casqué et cuirassé à cheval, brandissant une épée et passant à droite. La housse est semée de lis, accompagnée de la brisure (les armes de la maison de Bourbon).
22 mm - 3,44 gr.
Ref : Divo Dombes # 1 (5 exemplaires decrits), Mantellier -, Poey d’Avant -, Friedberg # 119



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Lovely coins, @Prieure de Sion! I like these ones from Alexandria Troas:

Valerian I, AD 253-260,
Roman provincial AE 19 mm, 4.83 g, 7 h.
Troas, Alexandria Troas, AD 253-260.
Obv: IMP LICINI VALERIANV, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust, right.
Rev: COL AVG TRO, horse feeding, right.
Refs: BMC 17.29, 159; cf: Bellinger A 436, SNG von Aulock 7573, SNG Copenhagen 191, Mionnet Suppl. V 313-314 (variations of inscriptions).

Time of Valerian I to Gallienus, AD 253-268.
Roman provincial Æ 20.1 mm, 4.49 g, 1 h.
Troas, Alexandria Troas, AD 253-268.
Obv: CO-L TROAD, turreted and draped bust of Tyche, right, with vexillium inscribed AV/CO over shoulder.
Rev: COL AVG, Horse grazing right, TRO in exergue.
Refs: Bellinger A486; SNG Copenhagen 108-113; SNG von Aulock 1466; SNG Tübingen 2533; BMC 48 var.

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