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Well, that was interesting - earthquake NJ/NY/CT


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Felt it down south of Baltimore as well. Was sitting at my desk and started feeling a bit weird. Then everyone stood up and was like "uhhh did your desk just shake?" I guess being on the 6th floor of a building makes it not so bad.

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Felt nothing in Montreal. But why not a coin related to earthquake ? This one was issued to commemorate Tiberius' assistance to the city of Magnesia ad Sipylum fallowing its destruction in the great earthquake of 17 AD in Lydia. Up to 15 towns and cities were destroyed or badly damaged. He agreed to waive all taxes due for a period of 5 years. He further sent 10 millions Sestertii to assess their needs. 



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I'm sur

2 hours ago, Furryfrog02 said:

Apparently there was just a 4.4 aftershock about 30 minutes ago. Didn't feel that one where we are here in MD.

I'm surprised that I was the first person on this thread to use the "shock" emoji. I have a very obvious sense of humor! Anyway, I didn't feel this one either.

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