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  1. Dang. Ive watched the hammer groups on FB for several years and I’m not sure if I’ve heard of 2 or 3 of those. Wow
  2. I picked this one up a few days ago from Marc B.. my first Leo 3. Looking at a few other examples, while the strike leaves a bit to be desired, the size of the flan is huge for the type, it’s a wafer thin example, kind of amazing it survived unbent and undamaged. I used Marc’s write up here: Attribution: Sear Byzantine 1530 Syracuse mint Date: AD 721-730 Obverse: Facing bust of Leo, holding globus cruciger Reverse: Facing bust of Constantine V, holding globus cruciger; large M below Size: 26.17mm Weight: 2.99 grams Rarity: 6 Description: VF. ex Bill Rosenblum with his tag priced at $150.
  3. i watched this hammer. awesome price on it! It did seem to be one of the few slabbed pieces that went at a discount. overall i thought the prices were on the higher side., albiet generally nice pieces.
  4. So, I very much dislike the idea of reshowing a recently shared coin (showed this in October or so), but I it is an attractive one. I cleaned this sand patina myself and I felt like I did a good job. happy with the facial expression on the coin, although I wish it were a smile, Anastasius did a wonderful job as emperor and should have more of a smile on there. Anastasius 1 - Antioch - SB 47 - 17.83g
  5. Really like this coin. I’m not a gold collector but I really appreciate this style
  6. that is defnitely the case. sometimes taking pictures, setting the coin down for a while, looking at the picture and idenifying small areas to work on, and just those small areas, is what is needed. Otherwise you get carried away and then you're required to clean the whole thing off. been there a few times
  7. As a follow up to my 2 small purchases on Sunday. I’m happy to say 1 of the 2 turned out nicely. Uncleaned coins can have a lot of potential, the eye has to look for the quality of exposed high points, then make an assumption that there is quality underneath. This coin was pretty easy to make that call. before and after a sand patina cleaning. Probably going to stop for now, no wax on this one as it makes sand patinas look weird. Definitely good for the type. Phocas - Half Follis - Cyzicus - SB 670 - 7.12g 27x23mm before after
  8. "So this is why we aren't renting the beach house this year"
  9. Vasja at Sol is excellent to work with and i always like to exchange a few emails with him after an auction. Just bought a coin from Marc B on his website last night (frankly with money i didn't really have, oh the wife will be yelling about the CC). mentioned a previous coin i bought from him and how happy i was. He kindly responded with some additional information on the coin i just purchased. Really liked that.
  10. Just to jump on board the class I Anon train. Here’s one with a little too much photo editing (but really not all that much) Still not as good as some of the others though, this was a “large snack”.
  11. wow thats a sweet patina and what good detail!
  12. Yes this definitely could be the case. Seems purposefully done being so uniform. Some details being strong and others very weak…
  13. This is an astonishingly good example. You see so many of these types and finally think one of the 95% examples are representative of the best for the type, but then you come across a likely “never circulated” example such as this. The facial relief abd overall strike quality is almost FDC, if one could say that for a Byzantine Bronze. i have two examples of Anastasius SB 19 I’m quite proud of, neither near the quality but still pleasing. i do wonder for both these examples, do they suffer from long lost stripped patinas which have had a good amount of time to heal, potential smoothing as well?… or are they what I’ve come across with Roman coins as “Tiber patinas” which never had dark formations allowed to cover the coin. Certainly the larger flan example might be a better type of this. larger module at 18.07g smaller module at 15.03g
  14. @Simon agreed, until it’s here not much more could be said. Although I do wonder if someone has knowledge of a known fake which could put this to bed now. I have a bit of a cleaners eye and the roundness of the facial features, and legend has some hopes there is something more under a layer of dirt that I’m perceiving. This is a hope though and not a guarantee. Could just be an odd picture of a stripped coin.
  15. Had my eye on this for a a few weeks… is that a super good looking Justinian - Antioch hiding under an oddly even layer of mud?… maybe?! This coin’s weight thought has me very worried, 15.84g… not even close to what an SB 218 weighs (between 20.5-23g for all examples I’ve come across). I asked the AH and they said the 15.8g was correct.. which is even more puzzling as they also confirmed the 40mm size. (Which is correct) won it for 25 euro with BP, and 5 euro super discount shipping, I guess I’m making the gamble. more than likely a fake and it’s just too much hassle to prove so I’ll be out some nickels… maybe I have an interesting fake on my hands, time will tell
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