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Group photos!


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For the past while I've been storing my collection in a 2x2 flip album, but recently I thought it would be fun to have the coins displayed more openly. This afternoon I took a sampling and created a small Roman coin exhibit, starting with the Republic and continuing by emperor up to Antoninus Pius (as far as I can go). I also did a similar one with some of my Persian/Greek/Jewish coins too.

It's fun to have the coins displayed right out in the open where I can easily handle and examine them. I am considering getting some trays for future storage options. Especially after I noticed a very tiny bit of wear in the patina on some of the thicker, high-relief coins from sliding in and out of the flips too many times. 😬

Post up your group photos, displays, coin arrangements, or anything else relevant!




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I think I've got only one group shot of Philip I, his wife Otacilia, & their son Philip II; & it has probably been posted on this website already but I'll post again for this thread 😊. This group shot combines the obverse & reverse of the coins. The three coins make an appropriate group shot since all three are plate coins & were once in the collection of Michel Prieur. Two of them are pictured in McAlee's book & the other is pictured in Prieur's book.


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I find it hard to do group pictures with my phone, so theres not a lot I can offer 😅 This is the only one I have of my whole collection, started at 8 years old and continued until now, 7 years later. The german coins are from my earlier collecting times.


For the storage, I have 7 red velvet trays another collector kindly gifted me. They are much better than the previous (blue) one I had. They are also quite decent for pictures!


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Great post @CPK — I love looking at group shots showing varieties of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Here’s a montage of my Judaean collection. I also call it my David Hendin Collection because each one has a different Hendin number.




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I'm a big fan of group photos - love all the above - they are so much more organic than individual coins, and great for comparison purposes.

My whole collection is essentially assembled with an eye towards presentation in groups, but that's for the future. In the meantime I have oddly very few group photos!

Here's a few focusing on different denominations (all Constantine, of course) :

Here's what you might have had in your purse in Rome 312 after Constantine's victory over Maxentius: a victory nummus, plus 2/3 and 1/2 fractions likely distributed during some celebration. Strictly speaking the fractions are (per markings) 16 DC and 12 DC respectively, so with a 25 DC nummus these are 16/25 and 12/25 fractions.



Here's the Trier bronze denomination line-up of 307 AD - nummus plus 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 fractions.


And here's a comparison of the nummus, 1/2 and 1/4 fractions from 307 AD vs post 310 AD reform reduction:


Finally, still from Trier, here's the same "Memoria Felix" reverse type in three different denominations: nummus, 1/2 and 1/4 fractions.




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A few of my favorite group shots

Took this one of my Nerva-Antonine collection of every member and every title that I had at the time - have since added lifetime Matidia and Divus Nerva



And the current state of my 12 Caesars set


The "Augustus Posse"


And this one got me a warning over at CT. It was the largest group lot I ever sold, and I just wanted to show off the pic


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This is my group of legate denarius I photographed last year. They are supplemented by a Marc Antony Cistophorus and Denarius.



I dropped into a Barnes and Noble on the weekend and found this new publication on the shelf. I'm reading it at the moment. 


This will be of interest to @Bing and others.






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