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Need help Identifying


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Hello @DigginSicilia. Welcome to Nvmis Forvms.

Yes. It looks like a Byzantine 40 nummi follis coin. On the reverse, below the large "M", there seem to be 3 letters, which may be "SCL". If those letters are indeed "SCL", then that would mean, that the coin was minted in Syracuse, Sicily. On the reverse, above the large "M", may be a monogram, which may help to identify the Emperor for whom the coin was struck. On the obverse, the portrait, a standing figure of the Byzantine Emperor, looks like the style of either Heraclius or Constans II, but I'm not certain.

Here's a helpful web site, to search for examples of coins.


Perhaps someone will come along, who can better identify your coin. It may take a few days. I'm pretty sure, that there are other Nvmis Forvms members, who are more familiar with this coin type, than I am.

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You’re def in the right track, I would guess one of these. Check above the M.


wildwinds is an excellent resource with pictures. If you can determine the emperor, and mint mark. That will get you very close. Follows Sear numbers as far as listing order



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On 1/29/2024 at 11:40 AM, DigginSicilia said:

Found this yesterday. I know it's 1 follis, it's about 17-19mm. Not sure of the date or figure on the obverse 


Could this be an overstrike? It appears as if at one point there was another figure on the right but it's is smooth to the touch.

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Based on your picture, i think what you have is an off center strike of a 1109. the centered figured is a close match to the picture above and the figure to the left is taller, with their elbow out.

So the main focal point on your coin is just Constantine IV, not Constans II.

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On 1/31/2024 at 4:43 AM, DigginSicilia said:

ela126, it is SB1109, Looking through the forum I found this photo below from @Simon, and if you look at the obverse image I posted you can make out a second figure on the left, it appears it may have been broken and/or worn down on that side.

Sorry, I am traveling, home now for a few hours and then headed to SA, I won't be able to participate in conversations in a meaningful way till I get home, please don't think me rude. Just super busy. 

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