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Need cleaning tips for hoard patina


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5 hours ago, Victrix said:

I got these coins a while back and decided I wanted them to keep as found condition. But I’d like and try to clean them up as there seems to be some solid silvering left under it.


Any tips ? 🙂



The coins look great as-is, why risk messing them up 🤔? There might be a slight trace of silver from the "pickling process", but the coins are basically bronze.

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Another vote for leaving the coins as they are. They have an interesting bluish green patina, which is an interesting reflection of where they were buried. Also, I'm thinking, that perhaps the only silvering, is what is already visible. Any previous silvering, has perhaps corroded away, it seems to me.

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Why clean them? You are not giving the world anything that hasn't been seen before. By cleaning them you destroy the history and wind up with two mediocre coins. I almost always leave groups of coins alone. Below are some coins I got from France that were metal detected and I have done nothing to them.






I flipped them and put them in a tray.





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