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3 British Tokens 1792-1801, + A Collection of Links to my Exonumia posts from other Forums


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Now that I know there's an Exonumia forum, and because I don't believe I have the ability to move my old posts and threads about medals and other exonumia from other forums to this one, I thought I'd do the next best thing and post some links here for the record and in case anyone's interested. They're roughly in reverse chronological order.

















Plus this one, which I believe I've posted before only in the "Post it and Pick it" thread:

Great Britain, Ireland, Anti-slavery halfpenny token, 1795 (AE 30 mm., 9.4 g.), catalogued as No. 1039a at p. 304 of P. & B. Withers, The Token Book: British Tokens of the 17th 18th and 19th Centuries and their Values (Galata 2010). Obv: African slave kneeling right, hands raised together in chains, AM I NOT A MAN AND A BROTHER / Rev. Clasped hands, MAY SLAVERY & OPPRESSION CEASE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD (rosette before legend)/ Edge: PAYABLE IN DUBLIN CORK OR BELFAST.


And these two, which I previously posted only together with coins depicting elephants:

Pidcock farthing token from the period 1795-1801 (Dalton & Hamer/Withers 1067), depicting a cockatoo on the reverse:


Coventry Halfpenny token with the date 1792, depicting Lady Godiva on the obverse and an Elephant and Castle on the reverse. See Withers/Dalton & Hamer 231; ill. Withers p. 345. There are apparently a number of different edge inscriptions; mine says "PAYABLE AT THE WAREHOUSE OF ROBERT REYNOLDS & CO."

NEW COMBINED Lady Godiva - Elephant & Castle Coventry halfpenny token 1792.jpg



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  • DonnaML changed the title to A Collection of Links to my Exonumia posts from other Forums here
36 minutes ago, DonnaML said:

I don't believe I have the ability to move my old posts and threads about medals and other exonumia from other forums to this one

Yes this would be really useful. I'm not sure why you can't edit the forum as well as the post.

Beautiful tokens. Here's another Pidcock.

Pidcock Halfpenny Conder Token, 1795
Birmingham. Copper, 29mm, 7.04g. Toucan; TO THE CURIOUS OBSERVERS OF NATURAL PHENOMENA. Two-headed cow standing right; EXETER CHANGE LONDON STRAND (D&H Middlesex 454). Issuer Gilbert Pidcock was a menagerist and showman. He exhibited the two-headed cow in January 1791 at the Lyceum in the Strand in London.

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  • DonnaML changed the title to 3 British Tokens 1792-1801, + A Collection of Links to my Exonumia posts from other Forums

Hi All,

I posted this on CT a while back.

Copper French Napoleonic Medal - Br 1348.
Plain edge, original strike. 41 mm By Andrieu
Bramsen #1348 1814: The victories of February 1814; Laskey #135




Obverse: Head of Napoleon, laureate. NAPOLEON EMP. ET ROI.
Reverse: FEVRIER MDCCCXIV. An eagle perched on a thunderbolt, facing left, a star above his head. In the left field a pair of fish; in the right a flying Victory holding out a wreath. Signed beneath the thunderbolt, BRENET F., DENON D

This medal celebrates the February successes Napoleon had against the invading armies; the fish are, of course, the zodiacal sign of Pisces. Encouraged by his success, Napoleon rejected offers of the allies to leave him in possession of France and continued fighting. March was disastrous. Napoleon sent a message to his brother Joseph in Paris, telling him to hold on, and explaining that Napoleon was marching east to pick up more troops from the besieged forts there. The message was intercepted; the allies seized the opportunity to attack and occupy Paris.

Laskey's 1818 image:



- Broucheion



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