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American Bi-Centennial, bronze medal


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Great image, fairly large and chunky.

UNITED STATES. Bronze Medallion, commemorating American Revolution, Bicentenial in Connecticut, dated 1976. Choice EF.
40mm, 23 grams.
Aug 1st, 2023 (Pars Coins) VAuctions,esale #7, Lot # 180.

Share your medals with us.



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I don't have any US Bicentennial medals, but here his a centennial silver medal, actually a silver round, from the San Francisco Mint commemorating the street car system, issued in 1973.

38 mm

Mintage: 10,001


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Here's one more US bronze medal, photographed today, produced by the Society of Medalists, New York City, in 1960.  I was attracted to this medal for its mythological and antiquarian themes of Romulus, Remus and Constantine I.

United States, Society of Medalists, AE medallion, Romulus Remus Constantine I, 1960.  Artist: Leo Lentelli.

214.2 grams


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The vast majority of the tokens and medals I own are European (British, French, and German), but here's a chance to post this American medal for the first time -- it's really a political campaign token that also commemorates the 400th Anniversary Columbian Exposition.

1892 World's Columbian Expo, Dem. Presidential Nominees, Eglit-81; obv. ill. p. 30-A, Mark Warda, 200 Years of Political Campaign Collectibles (2005). 45 MM. White Metal. Produced for the Columbian Exposition and featuring the Democratic nominee for President Grover Cleveland and his running mate for Vice President Adlai Stevenson I [grandfather of the Democratic nominee for President in 1952 & 1956]. Holed as produced. Purchased from Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. 223rd Buy or Bid Sale, Lot 482, April 20, 2023.



Bonus: an original Grover Cleveland campaign ribbon, 1892.


A couple of William Henry Harrison tokens:



Some more USA political campaign buttons, 1900-1948.  The 1928 Al Smith button (3rd row, 5th from left) as well as most of the FDR buttons, the Roosevelt-Wallace ticket, and the Truman button, all belonged to my father back when they were originally issued. He was 8 years old in 1928 when he was first involved in campaigning, in his neighborhood.




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