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Tejas' Top 10 of 2023


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Here are my top 10 coins of 2023. Actually, I'm not really sure if these are the top 10, but these are coins that I like a lot.


1.       Carausius in the name of Diocletian, Antoninianus


I selected this coin because it is extremely attractive. A heavy piece with wonderful smooth dark brown surfaces and an excellent portrait of Diocletian.  Indeed, I think this is stylistically one of the most accomplished Antoniniani of the reign of Carausius. The coin should date to the beginning of his usurpation when he tried to be recognized by Diocletian.  I received the coin as birthday gift.


2.       Maximinus Thrax, Sestertius



I love this coin. It is a heavy and well-centered Sestertius of Maximinus Thrax, dating to about AD 236. I think the portrait style is exceptionally nice and the coin has beautiful untouched surfaces. Maximinus was probably the last emperor to lead an exhibition deep into Germanic. 


3.       Nero, Denarius



Nero is one of the most recognizable of all Roman emperors. Even though this coin is slightly off centre, the portrait of Nero is very expressive, and it has beautiful surfaces. A small artistic masterpiece from ancient Rome.


4.       Carausius, Antoninianus


This Carausius shows the common PAX reverse. However, the coin is chunky with a wonderful naïve portrait. For a while it appeared that the coin had gone lost in the mail. However, after an odyssey across Europe, I received it 7 months after the auction.


5.       Domitian, Denarius


This denarius of Domitian ticks all the boxes: an exceptional portrait, an attractive reverse, a large flan and nearly EF condition.


6.       Herennius Etruscus, Antoninianus



I found this Herennius Etruscus Antoninian on Ebay. The coin refers to the ill-fated campaign against the Goths in which both Herennius and his father Decius lost their life. The disaster marks a turning point in Roman history. The reverse is very rare, and this is according to my research, one of the finest examples of this historically important issue.


7.       Probus, Antoninianus


I bought this Probus Antoninian in a lot, meaning that the coin was exceptionally cheap for this very rare and unusual portrait style. The coin is half-cleaned, which may have turned off some bidders. However, I think beneath the remaining encrustations is an EF condition. My picture doesn’t do the coin any justice. I have received several private offers for the coin, but it is definitely staying where it is.


8.       Probus, Antoninianus




I have many coins of Probus but was particularly happy to get this one at a very low price. The condition is excellent, and the portrait style is quite scarce.


9.       Marcus Aurelius, Denarius


A common, but attractive denar of Marcus Aurelius as Caesar. The coin was minted in around AD 155/56. It is well centered and very attractive.


10.   Vetranio, Maiorina


Finally, I’ve chosen this Vetranio Maiorina. This is a high-quality coin with the coveted HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS reverse. Both Vetranio and especially this reverse type had been on my wish list for many years. While Vetranio was a rather insignificant ruler, the reverse is of some historical importance. In contrast to the gospels, it defined Christianity as the religion that guarantees victory in war, which is a very pagan Roman interpretation of religion. However, this redefinition may have been important in the global spread of Christianity.





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20 hours ago, Qcumbor said:

May I suggest you have your #7 Probus professionally cleaned ? It should end being very nice

That is true, I think the coin would come out EF if cleaned properly. However, I don't really know how to go about it. Meaning that I don't know a reliable and professional person to trust with the cleaning of the coin.

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The Maximinus Thrax sestertius is quite dear to me. First, it has this beautiful portrait and untouched surfaces, which is quite uncommon for large bronze coins. Second, I was quite ill this year in September. Nothing serious, just very painful.  One night when I was wandering around the house in pain, I found this coin on my tablet, which I was carrying around. I bought the coin right away. The detraction was the best pain relief.  

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