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Does this gold stater look authentic?


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I may have a line from a person willing to sell me this stater but a few things look off to me. What do you all say? It's hard to really get a feel for realism without holding it in my hand and these are the pictures the seller sent. The reverse does not look like any examples I have come across online. Does anyone recognize the mint mark? 







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I don't think that's how authentication actually works. No information, no metrics, no provenance......yep that's the way to do it!!!!!

Meanwhile, ATTICA, Athens. Circa 86-81 BC. Æ (31mm, 9.45 g). Helmeted head of Athena right / Owl standing right, head facing, on amphora; all within laurel wreath.

BUT, not always! This if it was silver and weighed c 16.80g would resemble a NewStyle tetradrachm c 135BC. There is no coin of this type of MENED in AEATTICA, Athens. Circa 86-81 BC. Æ (31mm, 9.45 g). Helmeted head of Athena right ...and the weight is a fantasy!  This "coin" is probably a modern tourist cast Fake, not even a fouree! No such AE coin of the period 86-81 looks like this having magistrates names and controls nor Asklepios posing!! Also the wreath is often described as a olive wreath!

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1 hour ago, NewStyleKing said:

I see the egregious fake o

Though few others will see it, as they have hidden the photo (a Leu trick too) so no-one who hasn't screenshotted it can reference  it for  the undoubted future attempts to sell it.

I wish Biddr (et al) had a rule about  not allowing that.


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