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Allectus find on Ebay


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 I won the coin below yesterday on Ebay. It is an Allectus Antoninian and at EUR 140, I consider this a very good purchase. The condition seems to be very attractive, especially for coins of the British usurpers.


Rev.: PAX AVG - S -P

In exergue: ML

Mint: London

Weight: 4.1 gr.


Show us your Brexit-coins, I mean coins of break-away 3rd century Britannia.


Seller's picture. I removed the background.

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That's a great buy. You don't often see an Allectus so nice on both sides. I don't think there are many hoards with Allectus in them, so most are crusty single finds.

I only have one Allectus. I should really have more or at least a better one. But I also got mine from eBay in a lot of 11 coins for £27. After gifting some and selling some, the remaining 4 cost £2.78 each. So now I have to find a really nice Allectus to tempt me.

Allectus ‘Quinarius’, 293-296
Londinium. Bronze, 19mm, 2.28g. Bust of Allectus, radiate, cuirassed, right; IMP C ALLECTVS P F AVG. Galley with mast, rowing left; VIRTVS AVG; QL in exergue (RIC V.1, 55). Found in Kent in the 1980s.

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Great example, congrats.


Allectus (293 - 296 A.D.)

Billon Antoninianus
O: IMP C ALLECTVS P F AVG, radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right.
R: PROVIDENTIA AVG, Providentia standing left, globe in right hand, cornucopia in left hand, S in left field, P in right field, ML in exergue.
Londinium (London, England) mint
RIC V-2 36

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By the way, this is my one Allectus, which is nice but cost me about twice what you paid. You might find the cited Burnett article to be of interest:

Allectus, Billon “Quinarius” [1/2 Antoninianus or 1/2 Aurelianus; see fn.], 293-295/96 AD, London Mint. Obv. Radiate and cuirassed bust right, IMP C ALLECTVS P F AVG / Rev. Galley left with mast and rigging (no rowers), waves below, VIRTVS AVG above; in exergue, mintmark Q L [L = London Mint]. 19 mm., 3.16 g. RIC V-2 55 (p. 563) [erroneously identified by dealer as RIC 128, which has Q C mintmark for Camulodunum mint]; Sear RCV IV 13870; Burnett 111 [this variety] (App. 2, p. 34) [Andrew Burnett, “The Coinage of Allectus: Chronology and Interpretation,” British Numismatic Journal Vol. 54 (1984) pp. 21-40, available at https://www.britnumsoc.org/publications/Digital BNJ/pdfs/1984_BNJ_54_5.pdf]. Purchased from Noonans (Noonans Mayfair Ltd., London, UK), Auction 269, 8 March 2023, Lot 736.* [Footnote omitted.]


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I have yet to photograph my Allectus but here are some others.



Carausius, 287-293 Antoninianus Londinium circa 290-292, billon 22mm., 3.08g. Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust r. Rev. Pax, draped standing l., holding olive-branch in r. hand and vertical sceptre in l. hand. C 215. RIC 99.

Very Fine/About Very Fine.

Here is my recent Marius.

Marius, 268 Antoninianus Cologne 268, billon 17.00 mm., 3.25 g.  Rare and VF

Marius, 268 Antoninianus Cologne 268, billon 17.00 mm., 3.25 g.


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12 hours ago, Ocatarinetabellatchitchix said:

I read somewhere that they may indicate different officinae, or maybe only different series.

Ok thanks, that makes sense. I was speculating about something like SACRA PECUNIA, but that is unlikely since there is also a series with S-A. The article by A. Burnett "The coinage of Allectus..." (thanks to Donna for pointing out the source) ...

1984_BNJ_54_5.pdf (britnumsoc.org)

 ... suggests that these letters SP and SA marked different series.


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I think at 4.1 grams my new Allectus falls somewhere into the middle of his short rule, if we believe that the weight and seize of his coins were reduced during his reign.

I also have the following two Allectus Antoniniae. The first one weighs almost 6 grams and the second one weighs just under 3 grams and is of course reduced in size, which is why it is sometimes called a Quinarius. Hence, across my three Alectus coins, the weight dropped from nearly 6 gr. to 4 gr to 3 gr.




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On 12/12/2023 at 3:55 AM, DonnaML said:

I've never seen such an attractive Allectus for such a reasonable price. Congratulations!

Thanks a lot. Yes, I think the coin would have fetched more if it had been offered on US or UK Ebay. However, the whole auction attracted little attention. I was also able to buy the coin below for EUR 130,-, which is very reasonable for this type as well. 

Tetricus II with bust left.



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On 12/11/2023 at 11:13 PM, Ocatarinetabellatchitchix said:

This is in my opinion a very nice coin Dirk. Sharp strike, which is not that common for Allectus and Carausius. If you have a few free dollars for more coins, check out the next Triton for these emperors…







The offering in the Triton sale is a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity for Carausius and Allectus specialists with deep pockets. My aims (and means) are much more modest. 

Here is a coin, which my wife got me as a birthday present this year. First I thought its a common coin from Lugdunum, then I realized that it is a rare issue for Diocletian under Carausius.


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Interesting to note, that the letters S-P and S-A appear on coins from London and from the C-mint (or G-mint). I think that this is strange if these letters were to denote different officinae or series. A. Burnett refers to them only as the first (S-P) and second (S-A) mintmarks. 

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