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What to do? - Package stuck in the US postal system


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1 hour ago, Qcumbor said:

Glad it made it to you @Furryfrog02 : being myself awaiting something coming via USPS, it gives me some hope it will show up soon. I'm starting to light candles and hang lucky charms everywhere in the house though...

😄 Q

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers during these trying times 🙂

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NIce ending to the story.


Currently I have a package that's gone astray. It was dropped off at the post office, got scanned, went to the distribution center, then somehow returned to the post office a couple of days later. I went to see the postal supervisor here who has more scan detail than is available to consumers on the web and she said despite the fact that it shows delivered back at the origin post office it in fact still is at the distribution center, a long way from New Hampshire which is the consignee destination. She has sent an email to the facility manager to try to locate the package but advises that it might have disappeared into the ether, in which case I'll need to file a claim.

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But things have gotten worse again at the moment.

The staff is not very motivated, there is a shortage of staff, many Corona patients, the customs authorities are becoming more and more skeptical and it is almost Christmas.

I am currently agreeing with many customers that we would prefer to send one or two coins in the new year instead of over the holidays. better is this.

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