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An owl selling on eBay for $29,999.95? Time for a little skepticism.


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I just saw this owl tonight on eBay, under "sold" items.

It is in an NGC slab with a MS star grade.  

Sellers can apparently show the listed price as the sold price, even though the item was either sold at a lower price, or, possibly not sold at all.


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  • robinjojo changed the title to An owl selling on eBay for $29,999.95? Time for a little skepticism.

All old style tetradrachm's especially the mass classic owls are vastly over priced. The very few NewStyle that appear on the bay also are ridiculously over priced. IMHO, there are 500 old style tets, to every NewStyle. Indeed the NewStyle, fresh to the market has all but dried up, whilst the old style just powers on, and on, and on ad nauseum....

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on V coins, a dealer with links to the east has a load of Seleucid tetradrachms that all have the same patina for sale. A fresh hoard with a couple of new variations too!And look at the other coins that share the same patina. Seleucus lV ,Antiochus lll  Demetrios l, Alexander Balas Euthydemos of Bactria Antiochus lV Epiphanes Antiochus ll  Antiochos l Several Eastern Macedonia Alexanders Lysicamos Pamphylia Aspendos. "Z" has an interesting group  if indeed they do come from the same hoard as they look to me! It would be an interesting article for an expert. on the range of coins circulating at the time of Balas. Alexander imitations with Bactrian and Lysimachi and Pamphylian!


Any experts out there  want to pull an oar?

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