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Anyone have success at Lanksy auction?


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I managed to score one/

Mysia/ Kyzikos

EL Hemihekte ND 550-25BC

Kyzikos Mint

obv: Bull riding a Tunny Fish

rev: Quadripartite Incuse Square



Tradart Auction 5 / lot# 73 1995

Münzen & Medaillen Auction 72 Lot # 209 1987

Jonathan Peter Rosen Coll. (this coin)

Sotheby Park Barnet 1977

Greta Shield Hackett Coll. 1941

Please add your Lanksy pickups...



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Insufficiently  put off  by the various Lansky warnings here and elsewhere, I bid last auction. So not this  time. I had to chase and chase and chase  to get delivery, with some  strange excuses  given, and the package arrived  smelling extremely strongly of cigarettes. I mean  extremely.

To be fair, the coins did eventually arrive,  but life it too short, and the smell was too strong.

Congratulations though on a lovely coin. A most unusual  surfing event they used to hold!


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congratulations it is a very nice coin !

I have already obtained two coins from them in the past. Two nice coins but at a very high price. Now I don't look anymore because most of the coins have very high hidden reserve prices and many of the sales are fake sales.

e.g. I know the guy who own the lot 126, the EL-Stater of Cyzicus whith the Scylla. it is supposedly sold for 9500€ (for the third or fourth time) whereas i know the seller wants 20K€ for his coin.

not very trustworthy... 

my advice is: if you bid live against another "internet bidder" , you can keep going, but as soon as you bid against "book order", you should stop. There is a significant risk of facing a hidden reserve price.

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6 hours ago, NewStyleKing said:

The Athenian NewStyle was in Good order and a popular one with anchor and star. The price seemed normal nowadays  ..expect to see it imprisoned soon!

Agree, the 1 of 2 coins in that auction with fair price, though there is scuff or dent on a cheek of Athena

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