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Someone stole the She-Wolf statue!


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Awwww, that's such a shame (that is such a fantastic statue ... oh, and a fantastic subject for many of our cool ancient coins, eh?)


Sigh ... cool wolf statues ... man, I sure miss my ol' friend Larry (she was the coolest dog ever!)


image.png.57adb850b70db5788f39ee14a3f34a91.png image.png.c91bfc344d66c2e9a9293dece03cea44.png


Fun-fact => I am hiding behind the rock in those photos, holding her leash, while my wife snapped those fun pics 

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7 hours ago, Lhevae said:

Is there a possibility this statue was stolen by activisits because of its link with Mussolini rather than its scrap value?

In both cases, it's a shame anyway. 

I guess they took it for the metal, it's easy to just cut off the legs and carry the wolf!

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I never understood why would somebody vandalize art.

Wasn't there any kind of security cameras? Not in the place with the statue itself, but somebody could have captured a footage of somebody (probably 2 people) carrying a large object?

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