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Coin fixer upper gone bad...


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My wife likes this US show about a couple that fixes old houses and makes them (or a couple of rooms at least) brand new. They reorder rooms, break down walls, redecorate the rooms and upgrade kitchens, bathrooms and so on. Its quite entertaining, because the result is fantastic (I know, its a tv show, but still), and they make it look that good craftmanship pays off. 

Last weekend, the coin below was hammerd for 1.200 EUR. Someone thought this coin to be a fixer upper, and decided at some point to fix a deep cut. Unfortunately, the fix does not make it better in my opinion, as I can clearly see where the cut was. A clear case of not so good craftmanship. We've seen coins with holes that have been fix in such a way, that it takes a trained eye to see the repair. So, what really puzzles me, is why would someone pay 1.200 for this coin?

Before the fix:


After the fix:


And my issue comparable issue. I will not fix the crack! 


Please share your coins with cracks or cuts! 


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A sad example for this thread. 

I was a beginner and I saw this obol in an auction, got it cheaply


Now when seeing this picture it is pretty clear that the coin suffers from heavy crystallization and already pieces from it were gone for good. But when seeing it then, I thought it has a very strange flan (I like coins with non standard flans). 

Actually the problem was even bigger - the 2 oblique lines visible on the side with the gorgon .... were signs that the coin will crack again. 

And it did. After a few days I was browsing my album and instead of one coin there were 3 small pieces. 

I managed to glue them back and at least it looks like a coin.


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Ah, this reminds me about a similar denomination name with some structural integrity flaws


25 mm, 2,85 g.
Byzantine Empire. Basil I the Macedonian, with Constantine 867-886. AR miliaresion. Constantinople. 868-879.
IhSUS XRISTUS NICA, Crux Potens on three steps, Globus below; all within triple border of dots / + bASI / LIOS CE / CONSTAN / TIN’ PISTV / bASILIS / ROMEO’ in six lines, all within triple border of dots.
Sear 1708; DOC 7.

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5 hours ago, Nerosmyfavorite68 said:

Wasn't there a similar thread recently?  A bunch of coin in auctions were repaired, some really well.  I seem to recall that it was a German or Austrian auction house.  Was it the same place?

Maybe you mean these posts? There have been several. 





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