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Augustus Addition on the Anniversary of His Exit • August 19, 14 AD


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  • LONGINUS changed the title to An Augustus Addition on the 2,085th Anniversary of His Exit on August 19, 14 AD
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8 hours ago, Steppenfool said:

Very nice coin! It looks really like Tiberius on it, is it supposed to be?


Good question, @Steppenfool. It does look like Tiberius doesn’t it? 

I found more Augustus / Tiberius look-alikes on https://www.acsearch.info under McAlee 206b.






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  • LONGINUS changed the title to Augustus Addition on the Anniversary of His Exit • August 19, 14 AD

I love it!! Great coin, @LONGINUS! Here's one of my favorite Augustus provincials. I like the skinny bull that looks more like a horse.

Augustus, 27 BC - AD 14.
Roman provincial AE 23, 10.25 g, 23.3 mm, 1 h.
Macedon, Amphipolis, 27 BC - AD 14.
Obv: ΚΑΙΣΑΡ ΘΕΟΥ ΥΙΟΣ, bare-head, right.
Rev: ΑΜΦΙΠΟΛΙΕΙΤΩΝ, Artemis Tauropolos with inflated veil, riding on bull galloping right.
Refs: RPC I, 1626; BMC 5, p. 52, 73; Sear GIC 29.
Note: Double die match to BMC specimen.

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A nice coin. Even if the reverses from Antioch bronzes are very generic, the obverses were engraved by artists who followed the Rome style.

I was just about to say that the portrait is Tiberius but your attribution is indeed correct. 

This was my first Augustus coin. I remember I was very happy to win it in the auction. The gray toning and the oblong flan were very appealing for me. And this is still an appealing coin for me. 


27 mm, 8,76 g.

Seleucis and Pieria. Antioch. Augustus 27 BC- 14 AD.  Ӕ.

AVGVST·TR·POT, laureate head of Augustus, r., ΕΛ in monogram under the head / S C, inscription in a laurel wreath of eight leaves.

RPC I, 4261; AMC 745; McAlee 209b.

Another interesting coin is this provincials featuring king Rhoemetalkes  and queen Pythodoris. 


My favorite remains this one from Kyzikos, because of the reverse of course but I also like the portrait - seems very Greek style to me. 



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Nice catch, @LONGINUS.  Somehow, several Augustus coins have come my way this year. 

From Antioch with a wreath:


Augustus  Æ 23 Actian Year ZK (27 = 5/4 B.C) Syria, Seleucis & Pieria Antiochia ad Orontem  KAIΣAΡ ΣE[BAΣTΩ] AΡXIEΡEI, laureate head right / AΡXIE | ΡATIKON | ANTIO | XEIΣ | ZK, five line legend in wreath of an archierus. RPC I 4251; McAlee 202 (8.18 grams / 23 x 19 mm) eBay July 2023 Lot @ $2.17 Notes:  "This "archieratic coinage," issued for four years from 5/4-2/1 B.C., seems to honor Augustus as the high priest of Antioch" McAlee 202; RPC I 4251; SNG Cop -; BMC Galatia p. 167, 135; Cohen DCA 406. Note and attribution, FORVM

From Antioch with a countermark (the BD you see on the reverse has since been treated with distilled water and some pickin' with a pick): 


Augustus Æ 28 (c. 5/4 B.C. / c. 5/6-11/12 A.D.) Syria, Seleucis & Pieria Antiochia ad Orontem IMP·[AVGVST·T]R·POT laureate head right /  Large S · C within circle within laurel wreath of eight leaves. RPC 4247a  / RPC 4264? (See notes) (17.00 grams / 26 x 23 mm) eBay June 2023 Countermark:  "V, possibly not a letter squarish 6 x 6 mm" Howgego GIC 718i (1 pc.?); RPC Countermark 838.  RPC example is on RPC 4264; except for the RPC example and this one, I could find no other V-countermarks for Antioch like this one. 

An Imperial issue As - this is my nicest Julio-Claudian anything, I think:


Augustus  Æ As (11-12 A.D.) Rome Mint IMP • CAESAR • DIVI • F • AVGVSTVS • IMP • XX • bare head left / PONTIF • MAXIM • TRIBVN • POT • XXXIIII •, large S • C. RIC II Part 1 (2nd ed.) 471; BMCRE 275-276; Cohen 226. (11.09 grams / 28 x 27 mm) eBay July 2023      Lot @ $10.88 Note: British Museum Curator's comments: "The emperor's titles here replace those of the moneyer and set the pattern for the later Julio-Claudian aes coinage." Note:  BMCRE 275 is an obverse near die-match; this is an enormous issue, so I did not search auctions for die-matches. Attribution (host):  3 types of Augustus/SC with 8 laurel leaves; RPC 4247a:  inexplicably dated 5/4 B.C. "year 27 (ZK)" RPC 4264: no date "c. AD 5/6- 11/12" with "Obv. as 4247 but later style" RPC 4260: EΛ under bust, which might be present here, but impossible to say for sure. 

Here's a "provincial portrait" from Spain - my mom's name is Patricia and she found this kind of amusing: 


Augustus As (Æ 24) (c. 19-2 B.C.) Colonia Patricia (Corduba), Spain PERM CAES AVG, bare head left / COLONIA PATRICIA in two lines in oak wreath. RPC I 129. (9.00 grams / 22 x 24 mm) eBay June 2023 FORVM & etc. References: ACIP Villaronga-Benages 3357; RPC I 129; APRH Ripollès 129; SNG Lorichs 1378; SNG Tübingen 93. RCP Reference: Vives 165–3; Chaves 139–478, 658; GMI 954; NAH 1003.

Finally, here's one from Pisidia: 


Augustus Æ 20 Apollonia Mordiaeum, Pisidia (27 B.C.-14 A.D.) ΣΕΒΑΣ[ΤΟΣ], laureate head r. / ΑΠΟΛΛΩΝΙΑΤΩΝ ΙΟΥΛΙΟΣ ΒΙΤΩΝ | ΕΥΕ[Ρ]ΓΕΤΗΣ |, goddess seated left on throne, holding uncertain object. RPC I 3527; von Aulock, Pisidiens, 62.  (5.35 grams / 20 mm) eBay Jan. 2023 Die-Matches: Of the 3 RPC examples, two might be obverse /reverse die-matches: No. 2:  G Rohde SKU: 13797 No. 3:  Numismatik Naumann Auction 54; Lot 317; 04.06.2017 Also: Yale University Art Gallery Ruth Elizabeth White Fund 2004.6.243

And that's all from this year!  I think this doubles my Augustus holdings.  

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 My latest acquisition of Octavian....


Octavian AR denarius, 32-27 BC, 3.80gm, struck 29-27 BC in uncertain Italian mint (Brundisium? Rome?), 21.3mm.  Obv: Bare head right.  Rev: Ithyphallic boundary-stone of Jupiter Terminus, surmounted by laureate head of Octavian facing; winged thunderbolt below; IMP CAESAR across fields.  RIC 269a; CRI 425; RSC 114.  EF, pleasant toning


from Apollo numismatics

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