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I bought a coin


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First since last October but I IDed it incorrectly and was corrected over on Facebook to my embarrassment.  I bought it mostly so the trip to the coin show would not be a total waste.  Is it better to return empty handed or with a coin that is embarassing? Just curious:  Can anyone here ID this?  No fair if you saw it on Facebook.

AE10 1.17g



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Wonderful coin Doug. Glad to see you posting a new coin!

Based on a quick Wildwinds search I am guessing the following attribution. (I will need to check the BMC#)

Rhodes, Caria, AE

Obv.: Head of Rhodos right, wearing stephane, earring and necklace.

Rev.: Rose

BMC 85??

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Great to see you back in the game! Sorry the coin show was such a bust. 

IDK. The fact that you say that you misidentified it makes me think it's not Rhodes. That and the head sure looks like Apollo. 

And I think you made the right choice. You go all the way to a show you might as well pick something up!

Here's my latest from Rhodes which is now my avatar:


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I agree with the Rhodes attribution. Here's mine (yes, bad photo)


Rhodes Caria
ca. 350-300 BCE
Ae 12mm, 1.2gms
Obv: Head of the nymph Rhodos right
Rev: Rose with bud to right, P - O to either side; monogram in left field
BMC 108


Yours is obviously a slightly different reverse.

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Its always great to see your posts, @dougsmit!


I think your coin is a great acquisition — the lily image is beautiful.

It reminds me of one of my favorite Judaean coins and one of my first ancients.




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Funny... I'd completely forgotten that I own this coin. This is all the more embarrassing since I wrote about it.


CYPRUS, Paphos. Timarchos or Nikokles
Circa 350-320 BCE
Æ 16mm, 4.31 g, 1h
Head of Aprodite left, wearing decorated crown
Rose; in left field, branch, in right field, uncertain object (eagle’s head?)
Zapiti & Michaelidou 22; Destrooper pl. 10, 14; Tziambazis 92 var. (legend in reverse field)


Could Doug's coin just be a smaller denomination?

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I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that did not find this one easy.  Based on expert attributions, my latest ID is Paphos.  When I bought it, I thought it was obviously Rhodes and that was the label on it from the seller.  This illustrates the problem with many tiny Greek Bronzes which tend to be low grade.  While this one is better than most you will find online, I remain uncertain of the symbol in the left reverse field.  P seems clear at the bottom left but above it could be a skinny phi or a T with something else above it.  There may be hundreds of these in junk boxes around the world but the AE10 coins rarely get much attention and I have found no match for the exact type.  The standard references like SNG Helsinki are not in my collection (anyone have it?).  I will not be buying a book that costs many times the price of the coin ($15) and, in all honesty, I would not expect a simple catalog to explain why several cities shared this type.  Was it used by mercenaries familiar with the rose motif?  Then there is the question of what evidence I would require to declare certainty in the ID.  Meanwhile it remains a little scrap of metal, while nicer than some of its ilk, of no great interest to anyone.  I am labeling it Paphos at the moment but really wish I understood  why. 


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