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Denarii of Trajan and Antoninus Pius found on a Swedish island, of all places!

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Archaeologists are baffled but excited by the discovery of two silver coins from the Roman Empire on a remote island in the Baltic Sea, halfway between Sweden and Estonia.

No clues reveal how the coins got there, but they may have been left by Norse traders, lost in a shipwreck or brought there on a Roman ship that voyaged to the far north.

Read more about it here.

two worn roman coins in copper and silver

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My guess would be Viking traders. Sometimes old coins (and overstrikes) were in circulation. @Severus Alexander IIRC shared a Umayyad Fals that was struck over a SOLI INVICTO reduced follis of Licinius in a recent thread, separated by almost 400 years and 1500 miles. There also is the matter of coins of Constantius II being found in Sri Lanka.

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There was trade between Scandinavia and Rome, not by sea but along the northern frontier. German tribes in Scandinavia exchanged furs, Baltic amber and slaves for Roman goods including ceramics, weapons and coins. Although the tribes had not developed a moneyed economy, many Roman coins have been found in Scandinavia where they seem to have been appreciated as prestige items.

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