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Ancients from Bulgaria


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OK, I posted some time ago about a coin I was thinking of buying that was listed on e-bay as being in Austria, but the purchase page showed Bulgaria! People here agreed the coin looked legit, so I did it and ordered another of his to ease the shipping. Well, they're in and I took some pics. Mine are never really good, but better than his (I think).


Alexander III 325 BC Obv. Macedonian Shield Rev. Helmet 4.20 g 16 mm

Sigeion Troas Athens Colony Obv. Athena 3/4 facing front Triple crested helmet Rev. Owl ΣIΓE before crescent behind Sear 4144 var 6.13 g 18 mm



Sigeion Troas - Shield Obv.jpg

Sigeion Troas - Shield Rev.jpg

Sigeion Troas - Shield edge.jpg

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Sorry, can't help. Can't tell from those photos. 

(Might help if you didn't get so close with the camera, and then 'cropped' the photos after taking them. Just a suggestion.)

Here is my 'Shield/Helmet' from Macedon (albeit Philip III rather than Alexander III)

323-317 B.C. MACEDON Philip III Price 3158

(21) 323-317 B.C. MACEDON Philip III Price 3158.png

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Right. Everything seems to be in focus (background, brush bristles..very nice bristles by the way)...but not the coins 😄

So...very hard to say. Taking pictures one coin at a time could help so the camera doesn't get any background to focus on. 

Try again!! Does take practice.



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have you take a look to this list of fake eBay sellers: 


or here at the fake coin database:


Of course, it does not always have to be a fake. But there are too many factors. There are now too many fakes on eBay in general. And especially with some sellers from some countries, especially Bulgaria, you can find almost only fakes. I don't know any Bulgarian EBay seller who doesn't offer one, two or more fakes. 

Or let's put it this way. The probability that you buy a fake is higher than that you get real goods. I don't know if I would take the risk.

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Bulgaria is also the land of the Thracian mercenaries used by the Romans I guess there is lots of genuine stuff there but lots  to copy from! I'm not great on AE's. But the home of Aesillas, Makedonon !st Meris, Athens NewStyle  Thasos and Mariona Histia, Dyrrachium and Apollonia! So why not AE's  or did the mercenaries only like silver and some gold?


NewStyleKing, aka John


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Regarding the photos - I am also a beginner in this, but I was given some helpful hints by experienced colleagues.

1. Your photos are focused more on the background rather than the coin itself. @David Knell gave a very good advice - try using a background as plain as possible. Also what I found very helpful - raise the coin on a very small object and take the pic. I use an old e-cigarette mouthpiece and the results are satisfying

2. The brightness seems too high in your pics. Either you raised it from the phone/camera settings or you are using a light over the coins. I was tempted to do the same, but I was rarely able to direct an artificial light source on the coin itself without messing the photo brightness/color. I recommend a natural light.

3. If you are using the zoom feature, try not to. Probably the good cameras and phones have the capability to use the zoom feature correctly on macro mode. I was never able with my tools. Just make sure the coin is correctly focused, adjust the distance between the camera and the coin, take the pic and then crop if necessary.


Regarding Bulgaria - I live in a country next to them. And I hate judging a country in general. Yep, all the collectors know that there are lots of Bulgarian workshops producing deceptive forgeries. And the Fake reports on Forum Ancient Coins are filled with Bulgarian examples. This is correct but let's not forget that geographically/historically speaking, Bulgarian territory is very important and there are LOTS of genuine ancient coins coming from that territory. So in my opinion, the assumption "it's from Bulgaria so it must be fake" is wrong. Indeed you need to be cautious, but generalizing is incorrect.

What would make me very cautious is

On 6/17/2022 at 12:31 AM, Kentucky said:

was listed on e-bay as being in Austria, but the purchase page showed Bulgaria!

This means the seller has something to hide. For me this is the actual red flag and it would be the same if e-bay listed Austria but the purchase page showed Norway for example.

I am not an expert in detecting forgeries - your coins look genuine for me but a general advice is "know the coin or know the seller". I wouldn't buy a coin I  am not familiar with from any other sources than reputable auction houses. And of course, reputable private sellers (but personally I only buy from houses).

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Thanks for all the replies!  The seller memory93_antiques appears to be based in Austria but accepts coins from other countries.  These were cheap so I decided to take the risk, knowing that I might end up with nothing.  The seller has 100% feedback and does list actual feedback rather than "Private Transaction".  Sorry about the photos not showing up...let me try again.  Anything anyone can tell me about either would be appreciated!


Troas Obv.jpg

Troas Rev.jpg

Shield Rev.jpg

Shield Obv.jpg

Edges Trojas Shield.jpg

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I also noticed the same problem in the past , the seller location is declared Austria or Greece on eBay  ,  but finally the postal tracking is showing a starting point in Serbia or Bulgaria. I never had any problems with them, they generally sell cheap coins recently found by metal detection.

 My opinion 😊, I wouldn't worry , both coins are perfectly ancients.

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