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It only took me a couple months, but I got around to breaking this one out of its plastic tomb.  I'll have to re-photograph it as there are a few plastic shards in the pic.  Also, it seems to just be me, but each and every time I cut and paste text onto this site it converts it into an attached image.  Sorry about that.  Maybe there is a setting somewhere I do not see?  I've never seen this on any website, so its new to me.



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Beautiful coin!

If you cut/paste usually you should see the option to paste it as plain text (instead of rich text.) Plain text converts it to the default website font/size. I don't know if this is where your problem is; I've never had that issue before.


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I recently popped this fellow out of the slab because it's not Samanta Deva at all, but the much scarcer Khudarayaka! Instead of Sri Samanta Deva, the title 'Sri Khudarayaka' appears above the bull. Note also the Arabic word عدل ('adl, "just") above the horse's head. The Khudarayaka coins are believed to date from an interlude (c. 870s) in which the Muslim Saffarid dynasty briefly unseated the Shahi king of Kabul. 'Khudarayaka' means "lesser king", presumably the title of the Saffarid governor. 



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